Can You Handle The Truth?


It’s about time for an official TIME OUT just to get away from the idiot brigade of navel-gazing “deep thinkers” on social media and the professionally outraged who assume connecting a few phrases and ranting in public makes them special. They think they have the knowledge base and nuance to apply such terminology. They’re just hip words with no real meaning to them. But this isn’t new. Coon is the new ‘Nu Black’,  respectability politics is the new ‘talking white’.

Any social justice movement that is SUCCESSFUL takes vision, a plan, multiple people working in concert, focus, humility and strict boundaries. AND time.

When I see that emerging from all of this emotionalism, tunnel-vision and relying on seasonal support (not to mention opportunistic vultures), I will take it and these folks who claim they want change seriously.

You’ve got a long way to go! If you’re still at this 3-4 years from now and can show some infrastructure changes then you might be onto something.

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  1. WISE WORDS, Faith. I've been feeling some fatigue set in, myself. Thanks for sharing.


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