Can You Believe Sesame Street Is 40?

Sesame Street truly is a phenomena for kids from Gen-X that is still going strong today. I still watch SS from time to time because I wondered if it would retain its revealance with today’s generation. It’s still educational and entertaining though I think the classic characters remain the best.

I also loved the original Electric Company as I got older and the interesting facts that resulted from watching shows like that. For example, does anyone remember the static electricity experiment using a comb with salt and pepper? If you have to be parked in front of the television as a child and young adult then these are the types of shows most beneficial for developing oneself.

I was just thinking of some of my favorite songs and went looking for them on Youtube (SS has its own channel) to share here. I still have the SS albums by the way and must confess I’ve played them long after I stopped watching because I still get a kick out of listening to them. SS had a diverse cast, memorable characters and was just for us kids. We weren’t talked down to on this show. Jim Henson pioneered such an amazing concept along with the advent of television that it has shaped and informed entire generations. The celebrity visitors have more or less not fazed me because they weren’t the stars of the show nor are they the draw.

Along with SS we also had Charlie Brown and Peanuts. Of course as an adult I recognize more ‘subversive’ messages that were cleverly disguised. I mean Peppermint Patty…come on! What about Bert & Ernie – two grown men happily cohabitating? Oscar the Grouch living in a trash can? I also realize how ovewhelmingly male the characters are. Still I do have lots of fond memories and I’ll taken them over Barney or Teletubbies any day. Was somebody on LSD when they came up with that concept or what?