Can You Believe It’s Almost 2012?

Happy Monday everyone and here’s hoping you enjoyed your weekend. Have a productive and relaxing week. I’m looking forward to watching the third season of the CBS drama, “The Good Wife” on the 25th (expect a review here next week). I’ve found one of the best custom blended teas available commercially. My hair has taken on a life of its own and looks really good if I do say so! I’m meeting new and interesting people. I won tickets to a musical (which will also be covered in a later blog post).  The Social Good Summit begins today in NYC. CBC weekend follows. There are so many cool things on the horizon I can barely contain myself!

Well, we’re in the home stretch for 2011. It’s 3rd quarter and December 31st will be here in half a blink at this rate. Now is the time to conduct a pre-New Year audit of yourself, your life and where you want to go.

You know I always have a few projects in the pipeline and will continue to do so. Thanks to my 30-day OM Challenge one of them is now to retrain my body and brain to be in harmony with each other as I plan my goals. I think this was a key missing element, but I have thought of them as separate aspects. I especially thought of exercise as a duty which made it a chore, which made it a burden on top of other things that demanded my attention but didn’t necessarily initiate support.

So, I’ve accepted that I’m going to alternately sore, tired and have an increased appetite while I adjust. It’s all good though. It’s temporary and a little discomfort often yields major progress when you are adopting more useful and beneficial habits, perspectives and lifestyle gains. I’m much farther along my journey than I was last year at this time and I can’t wait to find out how high and far I will go as I continue with renewed purpose.

When you made resolutions (or mantras, wishes, plans, goals, dreams or whatever you want to call it) at the beginning of 2011 did you stick to them? Modify them? Or give up? You’ve still got a little more than 3 months left in 2011 and there’s nothing stopping you from making powerful moves to improve the quality of your life!! Do you believe in yourself enough? Are you your best friend? If you’re humming along, how did you stay motivated? How flexible have you had to be in reaching your goals?

Remember, the world is your stage. It’s your command performance, so make it count!


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    1. That's impressive! And since you'll be settled with your boo and with the Olympics around the corner that's an ideal time to accomplish it. You could probably get sponsors at your blog if you write about it. You're already rather fit by my layperson's observation. I'm living vicariously through you!

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