BWE Infiltrators & Posers Round Two: Black Woman-Haters Are Now Speaking On Our Behalf?!

I am sooo loathe to mention this DBR fool’s name, so I’ll link to one of my earlier posts that analyzed his denigration of our First Lady, Michelle Obama instead. Having just re-read it, I must say it was brilliant. One of my best posts and that was the summer when DBR-ville and the reality of the dead black community really impacted me. Despite my acerbic wit, I was not pleased at facing these facts.

The work began in earnest from that point on. It’s success has meant the flood of infiltrators and traitors is real as well. Funny, how his leap from black woman vomit-spewing hatred, to fake defending us has happened in less than two years. He’s trying to stay relevant ya’ll but he gets no free press at my forum!

I’d heard he was on cable news speaking out against the (Psycho)logy Today article and I had to take a deep breath! This is part of the attack on the validity of the BWE [Black Women’s Empowerment/Liberation Theory] message as a legitimate social justice movement. He has zero credibility and is an opportunist!

This is a loosely active method of infiltration, appropriation and bogarting that’s happening due to the success of deploying the BWE message. For those who’ve been reading this forum for a length of time you’ll recall when I had to publicly respond to a black woman blogger who had behaved in inappropriate ways behind the scenes, played chicken with a core-BWE blogger, deleted her post and then tried to play dumb about the entire incident. I didn’t mention her by name — ya’ll did!

As I stated then and I’ll restate it now it has always been about the MESSAGE not glory for any one blogger. That’s the only thing that has kept these efforts legit. If you readers, fence-sitters, naysayers, opportunists and diluters want to poison the well that is on YOU. My efforts have been consistent and transparent — and sincere.  I have shaken off the chains of indoctrination, found my ethnic pride and reclaimed my right to be a woman. I don’t know what the rest of you are doing, but I’ve moved on! I hope you are as well.

Anyone can set aside several hours (ok days) and go back 2-3 years and read the history of who laid the groundwork, the obstacles that had to be addressed, the people that came along for the ride for a little while, the ones who tried to change the message, those that fought us tooth and nail, the slime tactics they engaged in, a few public situations some of us found ourselves involved in, the breaking-off point where we who set standards had to part with others who had different agendas, the way those others tend to be bitter angry and defensive about it instead of living their lives TO THIS DAY and finally the crop of women who decided to jump on the bandwagon and claim to be one of us without doing the work or being a reliable ally, the ones who’ve little by little backslid into mediocrity and those who still question what we do, how we do it and why.

Alongside the outsiders who are spectators and who take bits of pieces of this mission for their own forums.  There are some who have heaved a sigh of relief at reading how a few of us have our heads screwed on straight as they’ve been wondering what’s wrong with us for putting up with such crappy behavior and mistreatment. Now you know! So this is where we stand today. More or less. I still observe the mass lack of discernment and compromise going on, but I can’t do anything about that. Those are YOUR standards, not mine.  Oh and as someone who has taken my fair share of direct hits, I do have a right to speak on this and stake my claim as a BWE messenger UNDILUTED!

Anyway, back to the Court Jester. This would be the same fool that said the black women who were raped by white slave-masters somehow benefited from the abuse. Oh wait! He later claimed his “cousin” got hold of his cell phone while he was in a yoga class and sent those vile, messages via Twitter. Then like a slimy weasel, deleted them. You can read the coverage at What About Our Daughters for more details. Here. Here and…Here.

So where is this cousin? I want proof!

The editors at the New York Times who allowed that Michelle Obama as “ghetto girl” article to be published should’ve been laughed out of the newsroom. Any serious journalist worth their salt would never allow an “anonymous” source to be used in such a fashion. Yet, journalistic standards are long a thing of the past, eh? I’m reminded of a conversation between Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler where they discussed the failing standards during a larger conversation about the publishing industry. It only emphasized how far that ship has sailed and how low the standards have sunk. Wait — there aren’t any left!

Eisler said and I concur:

“One of the most destructive, pernicious, slovenly aspects of modern journalism is the promiscuous use of anonymous quotes. Most news consumers are so inured to references to anonymous sources that they don’t even notice them. And though newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post have strict rules about the use of anonymous sources, they routinely ignore them–ignore their own rules.

Here’s the thing. The only time a journalist is justified in using an anonymous source for a quote is when that source is a whistle-blower or otherwise faces a legitimate fear of retaliation if her or his identity is revealed. That’s it. That’s the only circumstance.”

Not when idiots run amuck! I’m not interested in being “outraged”. I want accountability. I want all of you to take notice of how some people are going to start jumping on this bandwagon because they presume a gravy train could be headed their way.

They do not give a rat’s *** about black women. They still hate us! They will grin in our faces with a knife at the ready. Do NOT fall for the okey doke! Look at the total history and their dealings with a variety of women. Look at how they’ve behaved towards the keepers of the BWE message as opposed to everybody else, including the “safe” black women. There is a difference. Unless they’ve been vetted, tested and approved and re-checked for consistency they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.


At the end of the day, though I want you all to be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes so you’re not caught off-guard we must keep moving forward. In a different thread about a similar conversation reader Tracy made a very important observation which I’ve excerpted here:

“If you keep hang dogging about what the least powerful men on the planet are doing and saying instead of concentrating on your bliss, then you will never move on, no matter who you are with. Nignore, let them go….”


*I may not get to your comments until the weekend, but please discuss amongst yourselves until I reply.

11 Replies to “BWE Infiltrators & Posers Round Two: Black Woman-Haters Are Now Speaking On Our Behalf?!”

  1. Great post. As more and more black women continure to wise up and realize what's going on, we also have to kepp in mind that black women are the first to throw our support and trust onto someone wholeheartedly who hasn't proven more except the ability to smile and throw a few underhanded "compliments" our way. Don't accept the scraps under the table ladies!!!!

  2. Lord have mercy, how did he of all people get selected to speak on our behalf? That's absolute insanity! Why wouldn't they at least start with a black woman since the attack was against black women? Or LZ Granderson, he wrote a nice piece for CNN in defense of us. OR anybody else on the planet who doesn't have a documented history of attacking BW? The MSM never fails to give airtime to our enemies after an attack on us. Was he on CNN? Perhaps sending them an email with a detailed list of people that would be best suited to speak for BW and a list of people that should never speak for black women would help them out.

    1. It was MSNBC and they know exactly what they're doing! Let us know what you have implemented for a response.

      1. I'll let you know. I'll have to be careful and not suggest anyone (Khadija, *sniff*) who isn't interested in being in the media spotlight. Am I correct in assuming that you'd be comfortable going on cable news? If so, then on the list you go! I'm pretty sure Gina would be game.

        1. I'd want to actually read what you're planning on sending first. If it's something productive and will be treated with the seriousness it deserves and you are fully prepared to tackle a long-term strategy I'll consider it. Email me.

    2. @Zoopath I already sent e-mails to I believe Phil Griffin a while back,maybe weeks ago, telling him not to allow Toure to speak on our behalf any longer and that I felt they should have a black woman comment on all things that pertain to black women.

      I have not received any response back.
      Plus I am still sick and have not been able to be very productive lately myself .I feel as though I have not even been able to think or get my mind together so that I can finish some of my projects,as far as my writing goes.I hope I get back 100% soon

      But until then I will continue to e-mail Phil Griffin and others about the Toure situation.

      1. Even if he doesn't reply if it makes them hesistate and think for even a few seconds before inviting another enemy to speak on our behalf that's a small step in the right direction.

        1. Does it make them think? They don't care! It's up to us to enact sanctions and for them to experience PAIN FINANCIALLY and SOCIALLY. Otherwise, it's just business as usual. The only time you see larger numbers of BW getting riled up over denigration is when it's done by non-blacks. Still. So plenty are reading these forums but still not doing much if the landscape hasn't changed. Can you imagine some DBR fool attacking WW (oh wait Kanye did) and getting away with it (he's no supplying the hook rap part for Katy Perry).

  3. Great post Faith! I was amused to see that I am not the only one who uses the term "nignore." That is where I leave BM DBR's. Other DBR's get disengagement. It is a delicate balance between living your life for your own joy and being aware of what is going on around you so you are not susceptible to a sneak attack. I was definitely not aware of this second situation. Thank you for discussing it.

    1. No…you're not the only one! I wish more BW would quickly adopt the new policy of separating and removing support of those who never reciprocate and in fact go out of their to denigrate us. I'm not suggesting we focus our time on them, but definitely to be aware of the trends. Soon most of those who actively oppose BWE (including those who comment and participate but try to undermine its application) will be loudly declaring they were all for it from the beginning. So we should not be surprised by this at all.

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