Blog-A-Versary Time Again With Much Gratitude

Howdy AOFB readers! We’re going into year FOUR. I for one am surprised and amazed by this journey across the Interwebs. Thank you to all of those who’ve contributed something of value here. The wonderful examples of absolutely fierce women and men who have offered such astute advice helped us raise the bar.

I’ve been duly tested by combatants and compromisers alike. They didn’t intend to be helpful of course, but the situation certainly ensured I had to be principled and focused. My integrity was forged from being challenged.

As I do every year, I am requesting your participation in keeping the forum active by making a donation. I know I have a lot of readers who don’t publicly comment due to the majority subject matter discussed here. I have a few changes in mind to be integrated this year. Gotta keep things fresh!

As always my core interest is for those women so inclined to reevaluate all of their relationships, internally being the most important aspect so they will lead fulfilled lives. I want young girls to know it’s their birthright to be cherished and feel valued.can

There is no religious, social, gender-based, political or personal ideology that should get in the way. Every falsehood must be exposed and dropped. Opportunities abound. Hardships don’t have to define us forever. We should be encouraged and take comfort where we can, as we continue to move ahead.

When we have an unshakable view of ourselves and strive to be our best, treating others with a dignity we’ve bestowed upon ourselves we are triumphant. Be blessed.


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  1. Happy Blogaversary! 🙂

    Wow, four years already? That's a long time.

    That cake looks really good. Delicious.

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