Beware The Armchair Intelligentsia: Your Life Is Not A Dissertation!

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ~ Sir Walter Scott, the Scottish historian and novelist created this quote that has been mistakenly attributed to Shakespeare from time to time.


Any discussion around black pathology and dysfunction (as with the continued heated push-back against No Wedding No Womb) is certain to bring out the denier/liar brigade. Some are playing both sides of the fence.   Some have been too lazy to even read the essays at the site and make overarching statements skewing information or add chaos with their emotional reaction. Some are far too invested in protecting the rights of misogynists but claim correctly identifying them and expecting accountability for their aggression is hate.  Some are overly concerned about what outsiders think. Their focus then becomes about shutting down all productive talk in the hopes to sweep the pathology under the rug. Here’s the problem with that reasoning: outsiders ALREADY KNOW! They’re even using it to their advantage in many cases. So it’s best to disabuse people of the notion that silence works when it has the same effect as letting mold grow unattended.

From my observation I may need to amend my initial dismay at the obstructionists being given an open forum because it has further clarified the position of those who speak so eloquently on racism and gender parity but are fundamentally opposed to black women being free agents and putting their needs first.

Freedom is being in full control of your reproductive choices, your body, your heart and mind – having the self-respect and self-esteem to make sound life-affirming choices and enjoying reciprocal relationships.

Black women who do not expand their dating/mating options to ALL men and distinguish for caliber will continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to their options. You do not owe the community, an ideology or some random person the best years of your life or lower the bar for the type of life you (and your potential children) need for the comfort of others.

It has been interesting to note how some have used all that rope they were given to hang themselves. Of course some interested parties to chaos insist there’s no such thing as global warming. Yet we see the effects all around us. The same thing applies to the chaos within the black community.

There are lines being drawn in the sand and it has been surprising to see who has taken which side. Every original participant who submitted their perspectives for No Wedding No Womb do not share the same outlook. What has become crystal clear is how many were humble enough to set aside their personal agenda for the overall benefit of dispensing information so individuals could make up their own minds (the obvious suspect would-be infiltrators will not be lost in the mix though).

Since NWNW has garnered such attention the push-back from a few mercenaries for limited choices have been loud but not successful in thwarting our efforts. In fact they have brought further scrutiny on themselves and their motives. While I cannot speak on behalf of the roughly 100 participants I can speak about the core efforts of those don’t want black women and children to continue being experimented on with stalling measures and failed tactics. What has become equally apparent are the divided loyalties and confusion that is running through the minds of so many black women. They can’t even see how destructive they are being in not supporting the interests of black women.


People have argued against the value of marriage – because of their personal negative experiences or being unfamiliar from having been raised by a never-married parent. Since the majority of black men and women in this country are ALREADY NOT MARRIED it has already been devalued. The question is who’s holding the cards in their refusal to marry and how by virtue of the inadequate partnering chosen has had to accept it? At this point external obstacles (joblessness, etc) may be cited as a reason as it has been for the past 4 decades but since no leader who claims to work on behalf of blacks has resolved it, the time has come for black women to expand their dating and mating options. They should not have to limit themselves based on the poor performance of others.

I haven’t seen a genuine discussion about concerns over the policy misfires of the 1980-90’s related to low income women seeking government assistance. That would be a good starting point to base arguments about the current trends – but they should never replace good old-fashioned common sense. Instead some black women have actively been trying to undermine a reorder of a status quo that has already failed!

Marriage isn’t at fault – it’s what people bring into the relationship that brings value or chaos. No relationship comes with a warranty but choosing wisely increases the odds for success. The history of marriage regarding blacks in this country is entirely different than for whites and other non-blacks. Just as we discuss the denial of legal rights for LGBTs now, so it was once with those enslaved. They valued their legal unions. Today’s generation spits on it – like many things we’ve moved away from to assert independence from common sense. A return to values where black girls are taught their worth and in recognizing affirming choices is so far removed from the imagination of many it’s as if we’re from different planets.

Every relationship has certain value: friendship, professional alliances and most importantly the relationship with self. No one is going to convince me that two people who are mature and focused and open to adjustments as needed cannot have a successful relationship. Some may not see the benefit of marriage but the benefits that come with it are tangible, noted and written into our tax codes. Until and unless someone changes an infrastructure supported by the majority of society that has been well-established since Day ZERO to accommodate the whims of a minority why oppose something that may help you?

Emotionally charged reactions are an indication of underlying dysfunction. Unresolved issues of notions held by others are not your responsibility to solve. There are a few other conversation stalling tactics used around the organizer’s marriage to a white man, the language and tone of discussion, not liking certain essays and some making ridiculous assumptions by using exceptions to replace the typical. Also known as strawman arguments you can scroll through Derailing For Dummies close your eyes and point to one and it’s been used.

This is why I and a few black women bloggers have been chipping away limiting, defeatist attitudes and tried to get others to expand their perception of reality.The shift in reality opens an entire new world beyond what many are familiar with. It also serves as a reminder of certain values that may have been subjugated by external pressure to conform. That conformity benefits everybody else: feeds grown males who don’t work, supports extended families who’ve failed to plan, supports the careers of “entertainers” who put you down, scrambles to fill in voids, lets the so-called male leaders off the hook for accountability to the community, keeps young girls searching for partners in the kiddie pond instead of an ocean and leaves women and children vulnerable to attack in unsafe residential areas.

There are studies that indicate your income and assets are similar to your five closest friends. The same could be said for every aspect of your life. The people you allow in your life do have an impact.

People are assuming they can count on the government to continue programs that were designed to be stop-gap measures. When the top 1% of the wealthiest are not paying their proportionate share of taxes the burden falls to the Middle Class which is being squeezed out. That leaves the Working Class who are going to move up or sink and the Underclass which is relying heavily on receiving benefits. The Armchair Intelligentsia will not voluntarily pay higher taxes or come out in droves to run these programs, watch other people’s kids or finance the lives of others. Not only can they not afford it but they don’t want the responsibility. They want to navel gaze – not let the buck stop with them. They’ve had 40 years to do so.

Some have complained about those options extended to black women dating and marrying interracially. Again, this is about keeping the resources of these women (present and future) under their control. Why would you want to let others dictate your movement and your freedom to choose the life you want?

The reality is some lower-income people DO need to think about the long-term. Education and career choices become paramount in being able to move through life with ease. In this economic climate everyone needs to rethink their objectives. This is why partnering takes on such a high level of importance even if children are not involved. We need companionship and support. We want someone we can rely on in our time of need.

There will always be those who march to beat of their own drummer. They don’t try to dictate what defines a woman under narrow guidelines. We’re seeking to elevate the status of black women to move beyond:

Guard-Dog – for other people’s battles and intentionally removing options they don’t either agree with or want for other black women

Mule – read Zora Neal Hurston for reference

Mammy – like Old Yeller it’s time to take her out in back and you know what

Sister Solider – Promotes black love without actually defining that and purposefully ignoring the reality that BW outnumber BM 3-to-1 and women who don’t want to settle for less, man-share or be alone MUST look outside the racial wasteland. They also want to fight law enforcement over shooting (often criminal) black males, fight some long-passed slight and talk about slavery as if it just ended yesterday. Meanwhile black males are dating, marrying and sharing ALL of their resources with the daughters of their “oppressors”.

Denier –  All we need is more government assistance, when women get equal pay (the old excuse was when the ERA passes), if more people mentored, if pixie dust and unicorns fell from the sky…THEN we’d have our utopia. Sure and no one would ever have to take responsibility for their choices either. That’s wishful thinking not reality.


Nor will they. Why would this be any different than the series of other people who’ve allowed the OOW birth rate to reach almost complete saturation since 1965? Play time is over! This should have been addressed in 1965 when it was around 30%. The last CDC report from 2006 had it at 70%. The 2011 Report will also show an increase (at the current expansion rates it could be as high as 83%). Then what will they say? I sometimes wonder if AAs would rather see our demise than go through the painful process of healing. Far too many simply react to their unresolved trigger issues and never use discernment.

The Armchair Intelligentsia is counting on someone else to carry the load. Meanwhile any corrective measurements that would result from young black girls deciding they want to do things differently would successfully be thwarted. Some women are mad that they didn’t get vital information in a timely fashion and would rather keep their counterparts locked in the cage with them than setting them free. They settled and are miserable, they’ve been waiting and are miserable, they think protecting any black male regardless of behavior will ignite a utopia and return to innocence, they are ashamed of some aspect of themselves and have done little to acknowledge or resolve any of it. People who simply don’t agree move on to continue their lives. Some have taken a special focus on fighting this but ignore those who have actively denigrated other black women.

Surprisingly (well not really considering the larger ramifications) there has barely been any push-back from black males because so few participated percentage-wise to begin with. One might assess that as further proof of apathy – which is why black women need to ensure their relationships are reciprocal across the board.  Sometimes quality is better than quantity.

Don’t wait and let your life pass you by, struggling and not experiencing the joys life has to offer because you let other people put you in a box.

“Do more than exist, live; Do more than touch, feel; Do more than look, observe; Do more than read, absorb; Do more than hear, listen; Do more than listen, understand; Do more than think, ponder; Do more than talk, say something”

10 Replies to “Beware The Armchair Intelligentsia: Your Life Is Not A Dissertation!”

  1. Sisterlocgirl: I notice that MOST of the women in 'locks are married to white men-yes married-I even know a few sistas who are able to homeschool their kids too because he makes enough money for her to spend more time with their children..

  2. great post again…

    it's sad though but true. the armchair intellgentsia is wildin' out about this big time. It bothers me that some of these folks are people i know and love.

    and yes, I am worried about the 2011 report…

    1. Dan: That's why it's good to know where people REALLY stand when the chips are down, the masks have been removed and it's between you…and them!

  3. Okay. I'll comment.

    You know, I keep hearing that Black men aren't "involved" in "No Wedding, No Womb". You've said it. CW's said it. Listen…

    --What would "BWE/IR Bloggers" and "Black men" possibly have to talk about? Honestly, I'd like to know. I'm 24 and I've observed the contempt they have for each other. It's so thick, it's palatable. So the premise of a conversation between BWE/IR bloggers and Black men is frighteningly ridiculous.

    Even with all of the biased insults and comparisons Black men receive on these blogs, Black men have still shown their support for "No Wdding, No Womb".

    jimi izrael (lowercase intended) has gotten the organizer of "No Wedding, No Womb" a spot on NPR to tell her side and to spread the message of "No Wedding, No Womb" around. Someone, you took issue with. In fact, the vast majority of shows that Christelyn Karazin has appeared on in the name of "No Wedding, No Womb" are produced and hosted by Black men (this includes, but is not limited to, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Zo Williams of Foxxhole, and Earl Ingram Jr.).

    We're not done…

    The "No Wedding, No Womb" theme song was composed by Brian Alexander Morgan (this man is no slouch). Also, the executive producer of this same song is N. Maurice Williams and the entire project was managed by Leland Sharp. They're all Black men who support "No Wedding, No Womb".

    In addition, an advertisement was created for the movement entitled "No Wedding… No Womb" by iYAGO Entertainment Group (which is overseen by Janks Morton, director and producer of "What Black Men Think"). It's currently on YouTube garnering over 3,000 views in the short time it's been up. It's also available on the "What Black Men Think" website for viewing.

    Here's the thing.

    What these men have done is not going to get the acknowledgment that they deserve, by the very women who say they want to have a conversation. But, that's how it goes with BWE/IR bloggers. They've never wanted a conversation before. Even though Black men make up the fewest participants, they've done more for a campaign that collectively puts them down than any other group that's participated. For what? To be looked down upon anyway.

    The best thing BWE/IR bloggers and Black men could do for each other is to stay away from each other. I mean that. I find it surprising that I have to tell a BWE/IR blogger this.

    1. K Michael: I let your comment through because this is going to be teachable moment.

      1. Since you've never initiated a conversation with me this criticism and generalization on YOUR part is a dishonest conversation to begin with and inherently disrespectful.

      2. You are conflating other people's comments and arguments making inaccurate assumptions about positions I have never taken.

      3. If you were seriously interested in RESPECTFUL dialog you wouldn't be invading my space at my forum with your nonsense making inaccurate statements.

      4. I PERSONALLY invited several black male bloggers who engage in consistently respectful behavior, have been vetted at this forum and in other online correspondence who are married, responsible husbands and fathers to participate to MAKE CERTAIN No Wedding No Womb had more voices.

      5. Whatever some other black males who have repeatedly engaged in public, recordable, misogynistic and antagonist behavior towards black women decide to do is up to them. That is between them and the event organizer and has nothing to do with MY participation. Since you say you're 24 perhaps you are unaware that people do have personal agendas that suit their purposes. Every social justice initiative has had infiltrators. Time ALWAYS reveals the true motives of people.

      6. Finally I HAVE NEVER SAID black men weren't involved with NWNW. This is where you need to sit back, listen, be humble and accept legit criticism. You're half-baked theories are why there's a continued problem. If you are going to attribute something to me you had better check, recheck and triple check it IS something I've actually said instead of your MISINTERPRETATION.

      7. Yet again, what SOME of us are saying as part of the reason for our support of NWNW (to remind YOU and everyone else there are MANY perspectives) is that it ties into the continued, unabated, unaccounted for MISTREATMENT BY THE BLACK MALE COLLECTIVE. Collective, group, majority: NOT INDIVIDUALS. This is a REPEATED theme that we discuss -- as SOME of the black women who blog about black women's liberation are actually MARRIED to MEN OF AFRICAN HERITAGE.

      8. The bloggers who discuss the mistreatment of black women and ways black women can strategize to improve the quality of their lives usually discuss why it's important to evaluate EVERYONE for caliber of relationships and reciprocity. Men. Women. All races. We even require black women to eventually take responsibility for their CHOICES as well because it is NOT a one-way street. WE understand black men are presented with challenges. The difference is we discuss the SPECIFIC ways black women are ALSO challenged within the black community on TOP of the rest of the world's pressures -- and how that dual/triple burden is placed on them and why they need to throw it off!!!

      9. Since you are coming to a black woman's blog to complain about …what exactly? Accountability? Having the &*(($$% called out? Are you here to "school" me on how UNFAIR I'm being somehow? Where were you and where will you be when it comes to holding YOURSELF AND OTHER BLACK MALES ACCOUNTABLE for their behavior? I want to see your sustained efforts!

      10. I am WELL AWARE of the black males that participated in NWNW. I am not the organizer, but one of more than 100 participants. The fact that you took the time to come to MY FORUM to throw your immaturity weight around speaks volumes. YOU WANT A COOKIE for doing something rather minimal compared to the ALLOWANCE OF MASS DEPRAVITY against black women. This isn't about you…or me….this is about the LIVES OF ABANDONED and ILL-CARED FOR BLACK CHILDREN.

      The fact that you came here to admonish is proof of your lack of character…but there's still hope for you yet -- if you acknowledge your misogyny for having such a rotten attitude to begin with. That you're internal moral compass. And that is the core of what many of us discuss: the mentality that runs through the minds of many black males such as yourself being so ready to rise up against black women who's views bother you to begin with. It's the same attitude that someone from the KKK has for any random black person. It's hate in your heart and from a spiritual perspective: you need to CUT IT OUT!!

      For your sake. Not mine. You are the prime example of what may of us warn other black women about: know the real attitudes and intentions of those you'd tie yourself to, to make sure they have our best interests in mind. Good Day!

      1. I certainly appreciate you being courteous in your response to me, Faith. This may very well be my last comment on this. I promise.

        "Teachable moment"? Fair enough. It is your blog. Despite the fact that I don't want to get into a "point-counterpoint" conversation… I sincerely want to clarify something I wrote.

        "You know, I keep hearing that Black men aren’t 'involved' in 'No Wedding, No Womb'". -- K. Michel

        I quoted, "involved", so that it wouldn't be taken literally. I know you didn't say that "no Black men were involved", but there is this sentiment (I feel) that not nearly enough Black men were involved. My issue with this sentiment is …well, why should Black men be a part of anything that BWE/IR bloggers are a part of? Much less something like "No Wedding, No Womb"?

        Why am I here on your blog? Yours isn't the only blog I've visited. I plan on visiting all of the blogs that have contributed to the "No Wedding, No Womb" movement. Whether they were for or against it. Just because I'm not for it, doesn't mean that there isn't something to learn from all of this. I do hope to learn something. I'm open to it. At least, I feel that I am.

        "You are the prime example of what may of us warn other black women about: know the real attitudes and intentions of those you’d tie yourself to, to make sure they have our best interests in mind." -- Faith

        I'm a prime example, eh? You mean a Black guy? I'm not trying to be smart but let's be honest here. They're the only men that BWE/IR bloggers are warning Black women about. Their blogs aren't exactly warning Black women about men in general; just Black men. C'est la vie. Life needs a bad guy, right?

        This makes the foundation of "No Wedding, No Womb" that much less cohesive, though. How is it that the same BWE/IR bloggers who feel that so many Black men are "damaged beyond repair", are suddenly advocating for Black men and Black women to marry before having children? This movement is addressed to the Black community, after all.

        "The fact that you came here to admonish is proof of your lack of character…but there’s still hope for you yet – if you acknowledge your misogyny for having such a rotten attitude to begin with. That you’re internal moral compass. And that is the core of what many of us discuss: the mentality that runs through the minds of many black males such as yourself being so ready to rise up against black women who’s views bother you to begin with."

        Misogyny? I don't think I was being misogynistic in my comment or tone. If I came across that way, I apologize. You're a Black woman and the last thing I want to do is disrespect you. There wasn't hate in what I said. Just sobering truth. BWE/IR bloggers and Black men have nothing to converse about. They can't even talk about the weather without jumping at each others' throats. They need to stay far away from each other (and I plan on spreading this message along).

        The "rise up against black women who's views bother you to begin with" line? I was defending the Black men (Black men in general, really) who did contribute and contributed richly to a campaign organizer (and blog associates) who, quite frankly, didn't deserve anything from Black men. Least of all their participation in a movement she founded.

        You say Black men should not be celebrated for doing something they were supposed to do (like contribute to "No Wedding, No Womb")… but why do you celebrate their shortcomings? Their failures? Isn't there room for both? Or is uplifting Black men detrimental to the Black women empowerment's cause in your eyes? I see BWE/IR bloggers "celebrating" non-Black men who are only doing what they were supposed to do as well, so I don't believe it. BWE/IR bloggers simply feel that Black men, no matter their disposition, are not worthy of any favorable encouragement.

        It may not be how you intended it to come across, Faith, but that's how people interpret it.

        Have a great night, Faith.

        1. NEWSFLASH: The whole reason why No Wedding No Womb had to be initiated in the first place is because the majority of black women focus exclusively on black men and AA black males DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR CHILDREN!!

          Women don't get pregnant by themselves, Sherlock!

          Again, you have specifically targeted the BWE/IR bloggers (many of whom do NOT share the same focus or philosophies or necessarily refer to themselves as such) because YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THEIR MESSAGE.

          Do you write notes to the NAACP, CEOS and other organizations run by black men who are married to white and other non-black women to tell them they should be supporting black women? I doubt it!

          You have issues with black women whose narratives you can't control. Period. It's why you're falsely making everything into an absolute. There are ALWAYS shades of grey and nuances but in YOUR WORLD black women must either blindly worship, support the egos of and cater to damaged black males or…. HOUSTON we have a problem!!

          Grow up!

          All of your whining and bellyaching is about your ego -- not about accountability. This is about improving the standard of life for black women and children. I came from a 2-parent home with 2 sets of grandparents who were all married. This is apparently a freak of nature circumstance with an increasingly majority of blacks here today.

          If you have a question about the purpose of NWNW you need to speak to the organizer -- but oh wait she's married to a white male -- after she and her eldest were abandoned by a black male. That really bothers you doesn't it? The message that there are men of quality of other races (esp white) who will love and protect black women -- the black women many of you black males can't value -- and don't know how to value.

          While that is very sad, it's not the responsiblity of women to fix. That's on you and yours. Stop whining and FIX IT! You're in competition with white men and taking out your frustration on not measuring up by instigating some mess with black women. You are not remotely special in your behavior sir!

          This is typical Top Ten Concern Trolling 101. So stop it because you've wasted enough of my time and have nothing of any benefit to offer. Of course you don't think you're racio-misogynistic toward black women -- when will a black male EVER admit that willingly?

          I'm pointing out behavior and attitude. Neither do white racists admit their poor attitudes towards blacks. Since you claim you have no issues then neither should you have any problems with what black women are discussing in their own forums or doing in their lives. Your singular focus on this makes it clear what bothers you: black women's indifference. Well it's nearly 2011 and it's about time BW focus on THEMSELVES and THEIR NEEDS first. The gravy train is ending and you, just like the dysfunctionally-black male identified black women having a cow and a half over NWNW are fit to be tied!!

          I highly doubt you'd be concern trolling on black men's blogs who discuss why they prefer lighter/whiter women telling them they should subscribe to "black love" and marry visibly black women. Why don't you start your own initiative gathering black males to return to the black community, marry their baby mommas (at least one of them), attend college and being productive members of society instead of playing victim and making excuses all the time? Let me know when you do.

          Do not come back to this forum.

  4. Ladies, anyone who offers you " advice " on what you should/shouldn't do examine carefully and closely. Everyone else on the PLANET makes their decisions based on what is best for me. Everyone except the majority of black women. If someone wants to advocate against something that will beneit you RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION WITH ALL DELIBERATE HASTE! This supposed backlash against NWNW is only the latest round of open hostility against black women putting self first. Pardon my french, but F&^K Mookie, Ray-Ray, and anyone else who wants to tell me that I need to settle for being a babymama and a life of perpetual poverty. No one had to tell me that having a child on your own is difficult. My parents were married 38 years before my father died & they had a hard time raising 2 kids! And both my parents worked! Why is anyone trumpeting the right to choose in this debate? Okay, here's what you have the right to choose in opting for OOW child rearing:

    1. A lifetime of poverty

    2. Life in the ghetto

    3. Poor educational options for your child/children and yourself

    4. Possible death from pregnancy related complications ( let's be honest, are you really getting prenatal care ? )

    5. HIV Infection ( hard to transmit without exposure to sperm )

    6. Teenage pregnancy for your daughter

    7. The cycle begins again

    If OOW childbearing were so fabulous, why aren't the majority of people doing it this way? Start examining the backgrounds of those trumpetimg about your " rights " to all of the above, and see if any of them have chosen this path for themselves. No one can tout a lifechoice to me if they don't engage in it themselves. I encourage my patients to exercise regularly. Why should my encouragement matter? Because I workout 4-6 days a week and I eat a healthy diet. The proof is in the pudding. I know what it takes to develop the disicpline to make time for exercise, and I can provide real life, experience based advice on how to get there. I also recommend that my patient seek a different physician if that doctor is overweight or otherwise out of shape and lecturing them to lose weight and exercise. Why? Because that doctor obviously doesn't believe what he/she is advising you to do. The same principle should apply to whom we as a group take our advice from. If OOW/perpetual singleness is what these folks are advocating for you, hat are they doing in their personal life? Hmmm. Makes you wonder. For the record, I am a black woman married to a white man. I think you should expand your options. Mookie and RayRay weren't interested in me because I was too dark and I wear my nappy hair in dreadlocks. My husband LOVES my dark, smooth skin and my seriously "cool' kinky locked hair ( his description ). And makes sure everyone in the vicinity knows i'm HIS wife. Change your surroundings and you may find that what the dysfunctional BC puts down ( intelligence, self-sufficiency, dark skin, self-confidence, education ) are serious pluses in other normal communities. By and large we have far more education than women of other ethnic backgrounds, we are self sufficient and have a lot to bring to the table for any prospective husband. Find people who value thse things about you, not those who desire to keep you "ignant, pregnant, po'and in the ghetto ".

  5. Beautifully written, thougt provoking essay, thanks

    you wrote, "I sometimes wonder if AAs would rather see our demise than go through the painful process of healing."

    So do I…

    1. Monique: Than you for your comment. I am fully confident that other black women are getting the message of empowerment and they free themselves.

      Sisterlocgirl: Ouch, lol!

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