Before You Know It 2015 Will Be Here. Make 2014 Count!


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Hello Everyone. I’m still taking a mini-break (although you can go to the blog’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for real-time updates). I will share why I half-forced myself to step away for a breather after 6 years of non-stop posts when I resume the new schedule. It is a good thing to reflect and recharge and – relax when you are juggling multiple responsibilities all at once.

I will quickly add that I want everyone to think about where they want to be in approximately one year. While there’s no guarantee of being there and leaving room to change one’s mind is always wise, we can map out a rough draft of monthly steps we can take to at least hit the ball in the arena. Just start by thinking about what you want. You don’t have to have the answers when correctly identifying what makes you tick eludes many people to begin with. Let’s do this!

Twelve Steps To Progress

  • Month 1 – Month 12

  • Quarterly Updates and Pivot

  • Month Six Redefine and Zone In

  • Final Quarter Home Stretch and Prep

2 Replies to “Before You Know It 2015 Will Be Here. Make 2014 Count!”

  1. Hi Faith

    I hope you had a lovely Xmas and a gorgeous New a Year celebration! : )

    I've been doing yoga this month at my gym for the first time and plan on keeping it a lifelong, weekly ritual. I also have been adding a bit of brisk walking on the treadmill machines at my gym to add some cardio to the yoga. I want to step up my yoga plan from three days a week to four days a week but I still have my classes to attend at the moment so we'll see.

    I've been doing the harder vinyasa and ashtanga yoga classes mostly because they're the only ones that I can catch after work anyway! LOL : )

    I eat vegetarian meal options for lunch at work for the time being and I don't snack at work anymore thereby removing more of my former bloated feel and look. I want to regain a bit of confidence in swimming again so I may have to learn how to swim again from the beginning ( !) because swimming would be a wonderful addition to the yoga as my cardio during the week and my gym has a huge Olympic sized pool.

    I love the yoga! It's so hard yet I never feel achy yet during Pilates, which I like as well, I always feel so achy afterward.

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