Because Political Tunnelvision Won’t Benefit You

Well, myopia about any issue pertaining to other aspects our lives doesn’t work either. It seems as if the two areas that happen to be crucial, critical and extensive: politics and religion are often where people fail to use any common sense!

I found myself dealing with an irate reader whose shero-worship of a public figure was threatened by a critique I posted to the blog’s Facebook page. We’ve already asked black women voters in particular to carefully scrutinize their electoral options. I learned a long time ago after touching on 3rd rail topics (which could be just about anything) that most people want to be “right” no matter what. Or bury their heads.

I rarely get emotionally attached to winning an argument with people who offer false points, attempt at derailing (i.e. demanding you “prove” something they will object to and reject regardless) or escalate their response by throwing out insults.

When dealing with online conversations leaning towards contempt when people won’t disagree civilly, it is shocking how predictable folks really are! I appreciate a rousing debate. Most people can’t be bothered to draft a valid counterpoint. It’s all feelings and assumptions. How boring!

Dogmatic interpretation and support causes irreparable harm. It also wastes brain cells that could be trained with accurate and balanced information. Or  using that space for expansive life experiences, adding to one’s vocabulary and building cultural competency.

In some corners, it’s de rigueur to slag off members of the Tea Party, but many who fashion themselves progressive are intolerant, too. Character and values come in all colors, religions, etc.


Just because some people don’t want to participate in the Republican National Convention doesn’t mean we should skip coverage. C-Span has a live feed. My grandmother told me to never put all my eggs in one basket. A lady knows better than to reject multiple valid suitors right away.

While it’s becoming a cool kid thing to admit you dated a black woman in college, I’m more interested in Paul Ryan’s position on the issues that matter. So while on one hand we can cheer his expansive dating choices from an IRR perspective, I am skeptical about his calculated choice to disclose it as if it means something special. How many young white female college students are lesbian until graduation?

Didn’t President Obama pretty much date and bed white women exclusively before meeting the former Michelle Robinson? MLK Jr. wanted to marry his white girlfriend before receiving advice that would turn-off supporters within the nascent Civil Rights Movement. In other words those black women who self-sacrificed for the”cause” would’ve correctly thought twice.

Besides, there are pah-lenty ‘conservative’ white males who date and marry non-white women. Big whoop. Scooter Libby is married to a black woman. Now isn’t the time to settle for crumbs. And as I’ve pointed out numerous times black people (and white feminists) are not automatically the ally of other blacks – ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN!

The thing that set off this one black woman reader was my comment about remembering Katrina because Hurricane Isaac is headed for NOLA. I wrote about my continued disgust with Condoleeza Rice who went shoe-shopping and took her scheduled day off while thousands perished. Since this reader adores Rice, she wanted me to provide ‘proof’. Classic Derailing For Dummies tactic. I told her to do her own research. I’m not arguing with a Flat Earth Theorist.

Besides in 2009, I wrote everything I had to say about Rice and surface appeal. Since nothing’s changed I have nothing new to add. Black women can’t act like beggars when it comes to employing standards or screening people we support.

3 Replies to “Because Political Tunnelvision Won’t Benefit You”

  1. I think this falls in line with black women's very LOW standards/expectations of everyone.Many are just happy to be included.
    look at this
    titled Lady Gaga photoshop fail

    Consider how many white female magazines INTENTIONALLY make black women look a hot mess .
    They can go out of their way to make Lady Gaga look like a mythical princess,even when she really does look a hot mess, but if it's a black woman they intentionally try to make them look hideous.Vogue and other white magazines routinely do this, where white women who are considered unattractive by even white people i.e SARAH JESSICA PARKER RENEE' ZELLWEGER TORY SPELLING HELEN HUNT etc. are photoshopped to look perfect and black women in their magazines look like they have been intentionally messed up by the makeup artists and the stylists.Sometimes these magazine even make King Kongs/Apes of black men but I guess that's on them for participating and just being happy to be allowed "in"

    1. I'm not as concerned about what "white female magazines" are or aren't doing -- except in relation to limiting options. They are going to promote their interests first. Black Women do more than enough damage to our image all by themselves.

  2. I concur.And this is what many of them do all the time @ act like beggars when it comes to employing standards or screening people we support.That's the gist of it all.And that is what is doing many black women in as we speak.Low standards,too many second chances for people that are damaged beyond repair BY CHOICE because it is beneficial.IMO Condoleeza goes in that category,though she is successful.

    On people who think it's wrong for us to be critical thinkers,I just want to take a minute to say I'm critical of everyone and everybody.Including myself.I never give myself a pass and remember my screw ups for the rest of my life.They literally haunt me.I am kind of, sort of, thankful for that, because of my long memory I can correct myself and move forward.With that said,I really feel like it boils down to people who have very low expectations for themselves and make many excuses for themselves will likely do the same for others.It's that whole "how can I judge anybody else?I'm not perfect this person is not perfect but they have achieved some success,and they look like me, so I'll forget all about how they used,abused,damaged,murdered,raped,tarred,feather,left stranded and abandoned other people.And how they CONTINUE to do so."

    That is not a good way to be.It is unacceptable.I get that people make mistakes,some forgivable and some unforgivable,but what about COURSE CORRECTION? What about calling people out for what they are and those people improving?Consider on another site I spoke about being put in situations where you have to make serious choices that can literally mean life or death and how I worry about making the wrong decisions.How it is constantly on my mind.How could Condoleeza do what she did and still sleep well at night?And why do people who make heroes of other people feel that we should forget about their heroes flaws?

    Why are black women so forgiving and forgetful?When it comes to your life,and I'm speaking to whoever is reading this,how many chances should I or anyone else get to screw any of you over?And what exactly is a mistake?How sure are you that my "mistake" was not a mistake at all,but a calculated plan?Something that I did intentionally, knowing it would have a negative affect on you and your life but would ultimately benefit ME?Let's all get our heads out of the sand.Your heroes are not infallible.And if you had any standards at all,your heroes would not could not be your heroes.They would probably be your enemies.

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