Because Of Boys!

I’ve been jamming to the 2007 remake of ‘A Cause Des Garcons’ by French group YELLE (who makes for a fun and energetic live show thanks to the near all-teen audience jumping up and down for an hour or so).

I was just singing along in the bits of French I know but decided to go for a full translation and wow! A matter-of-fact message about some of the angst we women may feel when it comes to the opposite sex.

Because as you well know, vetting men is a simple pro/con list BUT ignoring any conflicting emotions or our own ‘stuff’ muddies the water just a wee bit. Especially when you like to over-analyze every single word spoken or action taken…..hehe!

Enjoy! I’ll get back to the headier posts in a bit. Lots of stuff going on offline that require my full attention. This is my version of taking a break. We’re still chatting over at Twitter and Facebook. It’s good to mix things up here though.

This video is a remix by Tepr featuring dancers employing the Tecktonik style made popular in Paris. Here’s the original.

You’re talking rubbish, we’re not going to take
Another view close up; that like
What view are you talking about?
You’ve a cheek, you started it
I give up
You’re really good
For nothing, you’re talking rubbish
You see, him, he thinks i’m reaaally good

Because of boys
We put on nylon stockings
We pull each other’s hair
Because of boys
And what people might say
We’re always crying
Because of boys
We get worked up for real
Because of boys
Because of boys

it’s the word which comes to mind
When I think of my girl-friends
And me, I’ve had my fill
No joke, of your courses
Of the pill
I’m hallucinating
you ought to be vaccinated
All that for a poser (of a lad)
You’re depressing, you can have him
If that’s your style

On met des bas nylon
À cause des garçons !
On pleure sur tous les tons

It’s the fault of the ma
Of the magazines
The Maries the Claires
The Marie-Claires
The Figs, the McDonald’s beyond clear
The women of today and of yesterday
It’s the fault of the ma
Of the magazines
The Maries, the Frances
The Marie-Frances
Practical women who aren’t fed up with
Cosmo, vogue and all the rest

because of boys
We strain our brains
We melt like ice cubes
Because of boys
I lie you lie we lie
We’re slippery like soap

Because of boys
We fall out for good