Because I Know Some Of You Have To Feed Your SweetTooth

OK, I’m no better than you. I saw this recipe for CHOCOLATE over at Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple blog and did the keyboard finger snap happy dance. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s CHOCOLATE people (everyone sing) and nuts and salted. It hits all of my sensory nodes: sweet, savory, salty, crunchy. Plus it’s less expensive than my hallowed Vosges Barcelona Bar – which is unmatched in deliciousness.

Well, Green & Black’s Organic Almond Bar is a close second…but before I get carried away on a cocoa cloud I want to remind you to check out the recommendation. It looks delicious and it’s healthy – also some worthy comments of where to find quality gluten free chocolate. Not a carob chip in sight!

I’m off to make a pot of beans and greens to be prepared to counterbalance any indulgences. That’s life, right? Enjoying yourself, but being awake and mindful without requiring ‘perfection’.


If you missed the post earlier, here’s my death by chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.