Barack & Michelle Meet Barbara Post-Election Edition

Here’s the video from last night’s Barbara Walters Special. I am soooo glad it’s the Obamas going to the White House and not some of the other (cough) contenders. To just be able to listen to people speaking with a measure of intelligence without avarice is such a relief! I hope Oprah gets first dibs on a White House interview.  
A viable economic plan is priority #1. He clearly states he is not a Messiah. Now put the altar away and get back to work…..
Obama promises a focus on protecting Americans from terrorism. He displays an otherworldly calm and steely resolve about not focusing on the personal threats to his safety. He doesn’t want to be too insulated from the lives of the average person either. Let the man keep his Crackberry!

Michelle keeps Barack grounded. Love the sheath dress. She gets the last word! For all the hand-wringers: Michelle is happy, content and isn’t even thinking about you. Stop projecting your disappointment onto her.

Their children will be cared for and have chores. Children of the staff and neighbors will have a place in the White House. Safety, privacy and comfort is a must. The weeMichelles still believe in Santa Claus!

Barbara discusses their plans for the Inauguration. Thou shalt not clash with Oprah. Just in case somebody thinks Michelle was ‘toned’ down for the comfort of some people, she does interject a lot and is (drumroll) sassy! She’s not cooking Thanksgiving dinner either.  

No girly dogs for Barack! (If videos don’t load let me know).

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17 Replies to “Barack & Michelle Meet Barbara Post-Election Edition”

  1. Welcome VCSMama:Don't you just love Danielle's blog?! She has satire down to a science. I hope you enjoyed the video. I just changed out them out for the correct sequence. Thanks for the heads up. Stop by again and don't be a stranger.

  2. Thanks for posting these. I was the one person who didn't see it and forgot to DVR it. Fortunately The Black Snob sent me here. And, I'll definitely be back!BTW, I also got the same video for the last two clips.

  3. Faith, I was using Obi Wan Kenobi for another blog, and then I decided I should use perhaps a more ethnically compatible avatar. Billy Dee's handsome and we have the same skin tone, so I took it. Truthfully, I think Billy is a wee bit better looking. Hey, that's why he's paid the big bucks. Funny, I don't think I look at him at all, but this picture looks similar to a few of mine.

  4. Draven 7: Well Billy Dee is an actor. He was Mr. Suave. Why did you pick him as your avatar? If I had to pick one song by the Smiths it would probably be Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want or There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.

  5. Faith, if you check out Billy Dee in the Out-of Towners (1970) and Brian's Song (1971), he ain't so sexy. He only had a cameo in the first, but it's fun to watch because it was a debut role and he seemed so green. I hardly ever play The Smiths anymore, although one of my favorites is "Heaven knows I'm miserable now." That's funny too.

  6. Draven7,I was born, I just didn't watch it until years later. Billy Dee was the Denzel of his generation. Actually he seems way sexier -- or at least he uses his sex appeal differently whereas Denzel plays his down. Billy Dee smolders. I was determined to define myself outside of the acceptable things for a Black girl box which was pretty darn confining. Although I had to skip over quite a few songs like Meat Is Murder.

  7. I didn't know you were a youngling, Faith. I saw "Lady sings the Blues" as a kid and you weren't born yet. It must have been nice to work with Mr. Dee, anyhow. I was reading your profile and you really have eclectic tastes. The Smiths? I have to hide my CD so that nobody knows.

  8. TGrundy: Welcome to my blog. Please don't be a stranger. I know there's a bunch of segments but six are posted. Perhaps you double-clicked? Draven7: Woah, you're adding about 25 years here. I am a solid member of Generation X. That includes watching Breakfast Club when it was first released, listening to Duran Duran and playing Ms. PacMan! I met Billy Dee long after his days as Lando C. Now my 14 year old niece thinks I'm "old" but she's a kid still.FYI All, I'm fiddling around with my profile name and might change it again.

  9. Hi Faith. I didn't know you had a role in "Lady sings the Blues?" Well, you know Billy Dee, his charms "works everytime." I bet Michelle and Barack's pet names are Pookie and Huggy Bear.

  10. Once again, "Thanks" for posting this (since I missed the broadcast). One FYI… video #7 in the post is actually the same as #6 (thought you might want to know)

  11. Draven 7 -- Welcome!I once did an acting gig with Billy Dee and he was quite the charmer. I don't know what pet names Michelle/Barack have for each other and don't want to! TMI!!!! As long as they keep looking happy and like they can't wait to be alone together that's all we need to know.

  12. I hope Obama doesn't call his wife "mama" like some old-timey people do. That's yucky. I don't care if a woman calls me "daddy" though.

  13. lol @ *Hell bent to worship* Barack = lightningbaruch = blessingWell, ya gotta admit he's got all the ingredients for it.

  14. Hey Miriam,But I thought Barack and Baruch meant the same thing. That's funny though and might explain why some are hell bent on the worship thing.

  15. But wait!! In Hebrew the word "bamah" means a personal alter! lolMichelle's make up is superb and I love their dynamics together. I admit I'm nervous about his presidency but its truly historic.

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