As The Talk Show Ends Its Run, Kudos To The Revolution For Helping Women Recognize Their Power

Some of my favorite examples of courage are of women adopting the affirmative for who they really are and acting on it. I was so glad to have watched the ABC talk show, The Revolution. While there was some controversy about the network replacing venerated soap operas with scripted tv shows, I liked the aspirational message encouraging women to realize their full potential. The Revolution is hosted by Tim Gunn, Ty Pennington, Harley Pasternak and MDs Tiffanie Davis and Jennifer Ashton. Due to ratings it will end its run in about two weeks, but it’s worth checking out.

Personally, I think the show faltered in the lack of integration of hosts and relying heavily on Gunn and Pennington, who may be the more recognizable names but came across flat. I would like to recognize producer Denise Hendricks for a bang up job. There was a lot of optimism infused in the show that I noticed immediately. I rarely spend that much time looking up the people behind the curtain unless there’s heightened tomfoolery. I also enjoyed Dr. Tiffanie for being so personable and attractive while rocking a great ‘fro! The health and beauty segments with her and Dr. Jen were a late addition that would have worked well all along.

The health and lifestyle show originally featured one guest transitioning over a 5-month period during the course of a 5-day show with the big reveal on Fridays. They subsequently forwarded the entire change in one episode. The mental correction transformed more than their bodies. It has and will continue to reshape their lives. 

Many of the women featured were black, so I watched how their stories were featured with special interest. Those familiar with the core issues we cover in this forum know what many of the unspoken underlying issues they face are. I was pleased relieved no one was made into a tragedy or othered to tell her story.  I enjoyed them all – from the two sisters who participated together, to the couple who got fit so they could start married life off with a bang, to the woman who got so fit Hayley encouraged her to transition to a new career. For a list of featured Revolutionaries check out the hero page at the site for videos.