I thought I’d mention I’ve now gotten rid of nearly 50 lbs. since August. I say good riddance!

Notice I didn’t say “lost” because they will never find me again. I’m making a conscious effort at decisive choices that will benefit me. This has nothing to do with shame, recriminations or because I am somehow less than unless I do or look like A, B or C.

I simply decided to put down my load and believe fully in myself. It doesn’t mean my life is problem-free but I finally realized I was never going to be in a place where I could comfortably say I was “ready” to tackle making these final changes that have long been overdue. I’d be waiting for that “exhale” moment forever and life would continue to pass me by along with certain opportunities that I couldn’t take full advantage of.

That meant taking responsibility for all of my choices and how I reacted to obstacles. There is no perfection, only sustained and positive efforts to move forward! In many ways these changes are remarkably uneventful and I’m learning a lot about myself as I’m being reintroduced to things I’ve set aside.

This change can manifest itself in many different ways, but this was an obvious place to start (for me). Other women may have their own loads and belief systems to adjust. I am likely to discuss this process and what made me do a complete 360 early next year but for now I’m taking it one moment at a time with a daily focus.

There were a combination of factors at play but I have to admit one celebrity’s actions were encouraging. I just didn’t realize how much until I wrote this.

Let’s watch the Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers video again. Didn’t she say she turned CAN’T into CAN? This isn’t an endorsement for one company but I thought hiring her as their spokesperson was a brilliant move at the time and the ad campaign was written from a place of empowerment instead of the “my life sucked until I joined blah blah blah”.

Yup, she sure did.

What’s stopping YOU from boldly declaring you can go where no other black woman has ever gone before? Fear? Lack of foresight? No initiative? Thinking you’ll always have tomorrow?  Oh and you over there hiding under the rock: Are you a woman or a potato?

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  1. "What’s stopping YOU from boldly declaring you can go where no other black woman has ever gone before? Fear? Lack of foresight? No initiative? Thinking you’ll always have tomorrow? Oh and you over there hiding under the rock: Are you a woman or a potato?"

    These questions are great food for thought and came at the perfect time for me, as I'm currently in limbo (in my mind) and waiting for the fog to clear so that I can see my way through. Good thought-provoking blog entry.

    And congratulations Faith. What a major accomplishment.

    1. Thanks and happy new year to you and much success for achieving all of your endeavors. Looking forward to hearing about some of them!

    1. Thanks Stella. You\’ll achieve many things in 2011 I\’m certain. Looking forward to hearing about them.

  2. Congrats! I really like this message, and feel very inspired. I've got some dreams that have been losing steam so this message is so refreshing. Have a Happy New Year, and I love the new comments layout!

  3. Faith, big (or in this case 50 lbs smaller) congratulations! It isn't easy to conquer these weight demons, but you're living proof that it can be done. Keep at it. I plan to follow your example to get back in shape in 2011 -- I've slacked off severely since 2008. Time to change.

  4. Congratulations! Achieving the weight drop goal will be a catalyst to many great things for you in 2011.

    I'm taking that CAN attitude and developing a 2011 strategy for my personal and professional life. MissGlamtastic I think I'll include a vision board as part of my 2011 strategy. Thanks for that information.

    1. A vision board is a great idea. You might also consider Evia's motivational series at her blog to achieve some immediate goals. It starts Jan 4th

      1. I'm doing the 4-4-25. I just committed to doing it yesterday. Given the high quality of all of the other material Evia has provided, through her newsletters and podcasts, I am confident that this program will be a success.

  5. Let me add my congratulations in here.

    It's amazing how great all those little, everyday improvements make you feel after a weight loss/getting in better shape: being able to run up the stairs, feel more comfortable sitting down, and the overall increase in energy.

    Not to mention the "I did this, I can do anything!" feeling that often comes.

    To our continued success in the New Year!

    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. 2011 is going to be a banner year for many of us. I can't wait to see what unfolds.

  6. Congrats on annihilating the pounds! You got rid of them, never to be seen again (over here doing a happy dance for you 🙂

    I am a reforming CANNOT person, quickly turning into a CAN person. Fear has kept me from making a lot of moves that could have been great for me-fear of being disapproved by my family, fear of the unknown, fear of losing what security I have . . . But I'm quickly realizing that my fear only hurts and limits ME-and the fear of not knowing what could have been, if I had taken a few more chances, is the scariest thing of all.

    Lots of changes in store for me in 2011-currently gathering my supplies to do a vision board to help me manifest my desires. In the past few weeks, I've seen numerous YT videos and several threads on different websites concerning vision boards-I took it as a wakeup call for me to get it in gear and get focused on achieving some major goals.

    1. Tia, don't berate yourself as I think you're in a very good position in life right now. You're still young and open and have the opportunity to make changes. Don't forget to be gentle with yourself! Best wishes for 2011 and I can't wait to read about your adventures at your blog.

      1. I'm be gentle with myself, and try to look forward, and not into the past. Trust and believe, I will be blogging every step of the way. Best wishes for you in the new year!

  7. Congrats Faith!!!!

    Losing weight is sometimes not just about the physical but also the emotional and mental. It can be hard sometimes, but like you said, it one day at a time. Keep up the great work.

    I'm just beginning my own weight loss journey (for about the third time). This time I think I'm in the right place where I won't let anything get in my way.

    1. Don't let anything or anyone else -- esp yourself get in the way of your goals. Also, don't try to do everything perfectly. Life isn't perfect and doesn't operate under the ideal circumstances 24/7. I'm so glad there was an attempt to sabotage my early on because it forced me to really make a choice about what was MOST important. I won't allow certain foods to be triggers and my emotional reaction is mostly one of indifference now. I'm so glad I had to face that early on. I just have to keep doing the work. You can succeed at this as well.

  8. Faith, I know that your mood is a lot better. You have more energy to do things and tackle challenges. I bet you feel like a new woman. I am so glad you have started with the weight loss. People do not realize that if you have been overweight for a while like I was the sluggish feeling becomes the new normal feel good feeling. I did not realize this until I got rid of 1/3 of my former self. All it takes is making a decision to step forward. You have started that and I know you will continue. You accomplished a goal which will give you confidence to accomplish others.

    1. I'm in really cold weather so I can't tell about not feeling sluggish when I'm inhaling cold air, lol! But I hear you.

  9. YES!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!! Wonderful news, and while I have slipped a bit, the finish line is still in sight!

    It is sooo important for BW to realize that we must get to the finish line with weight loss and other things in our lives that are holding us back. Just Get It Over With should be the new Nike motto !

    Congrats and keep getting to the finish line!! New Pic please!!

    1. Tracy, I'm not ready for pictures yet. I don't really notice any major difference except that my clothes are looser and the scale has registered at a lower amount. Give me another three months after I add in the exercise regime.

    1. I have another 9 months of work ahead to get to my absolutely flawless stage and I do so wish I was there already. I'll remind myself I've already "won" and keep it moving! Still thinking about the podcast as well.

  10. Faith,

    Congratulations! {happy dance}

    All of these topics are about moving forward into abundant life—whatever that means for each individual woman. Period. It's not as complicated or fraught with ideology as folks sometimes make it out to be. It's about boldly going forward, seeking what one wants, and getting it! {smile}

    1. Khadija: Thank you for continuing to discuss the hard topics. I was quietly observing and still stalling. Not to downplay the rough year I've had I am still in a bit of shock thiss is happening despite obstacles, sabotage and my not being on my idea of a "perfect" plan. This shows me progress can still be achieved. Take comfort in knowing your mentoring has had an impact!!

  11. Congratulations Faith! I was looking at your picture in the BWDB fb page and thinking you looked really good--radiant!

    I agree--I'm digging the Jennifer Hudson commercials. She looks and I bet, feels amazing! I especially like the newest rounds of commericals with her singing Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good'. I'm not sure if that is the commercial your're referencing up top; I can't view here from work.

    1. Thanks! I have a ways to go but am very encouraged right now and wanted to share. Give me a year or so and I'll be announcing my marriage to my future husband as well!

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