AOFB Revisits: Financial Acumen

I’m getting the jump on an upcoming post discussing 2012 blog memes and sharing this one early. The Revisiting series will highlight one or two posts whose content garnered a lot of interest and deserves a review to accommodate newer readers and long-time blog friends alike. It’s another tool for evaluating your education and preparedness in the new millenia.

Have You Spent Your Nest Egg On Crap? Asks us to set priorities in establishing a safety net. This is especially important for women because we tend to earn less than men. As we age up and benefits are more cost prohibitive with diminishing returns having a Plan A is non-negotiable. In fact, if you are [a hetero woman] unmarried [by choice], having Plan B, C AND D are equally important. All positive thinking aside, loving yourself means taking care of securing the best possible future life. That begins today.

Why I’m Not A “Feminist”: An Economics Lesson  – Asks us to consider whose agendas, ideologies and labels we apply. Ignore what ideals certain people claim to profess and follow the distribution of social, political and financial capital instead. What you uncover may surprise you. Make sure when the music stops you aren’t discarded.

Do you agree or disagree with points raised during these conversations?