AOFB Mid-Year Review

It’s already June! I was going to write a quarterly review in April. 30 posts later, I guess I missed the boat! Busy. Busy. Busy.

This was going to be a more extensive post….but I realized some of the things I wanted to talk about: namely weight and self-esteem and being realistic deserves its own separate post. Then, I realized I have already discussed many of these points before, so this might be yet another angle to an ongoing conversation…or beating a dead horse.

I suppose the lurkers who de-cloak from the Romulan Bird-Of-Prey to comment will decide if it’s protest-worthy.

So, I’m going to make this brief because I’m editing some of the more heavy-hitting posts to come. You know if you come to this forum it is to compel you to be better, faster, stronger. To think strategically and critically. To go for broke.

I have grand expectations for you and want everyone [who isn’t depraved] to do well. Unlike some other people who are crabs in a barrel and looking for ways to derail other people’s progress so their mediocrity is excused — or based on simple hatred for others.

When you view the interactions and behavior of people in other groups [non-black] it is glaringly obvious how they support each other and are genuinely pleased for the success of their peers. They help people because they have generous spirits and many realize the rising tide theory does matter in real life for their collectives. There’s hefty competition but they are not operating from a poverty mentality where they feel uncontrollably compelled to tear someone else down [think Cinderella and her step-family when they ripped off her homespun dress in a fit of rage and jealousy].

The only support I’ve observed that’s expansive and consistent is based on something derogatory or mediocre. There’s really nothing I can do about the actions of others, but I make sure to not be anything like that. Yet, I will call a spade a spade for sure!

Moving on, I’m plotting away at my Get Fit In 2011 goals, my Build A Better Nest and my Get Your Love Boat In Order goals. These are all integrated and will continue for the rest of my life actually, but I want to see measured results.

I also have some changes in store for this forum and the blogging audience as we move into our 4th year at Acts Of Faith In Love & Life. In response to what I think are somewhat questionable pleads about walking some of y’all through BWE 101 I’m going to release the first forum related digital guide which is a primer. I just wrote it two weeks ago, so it’s not culled from the archives but it would be somewhat familiar to anyone who’s been paying attention here.

You can read it at your leisure and take all the time you want. It will not however be free. You’re already getting premium content at this forum consistently and have for quite some time. Faith does not do fluff, candy-covered poison or backpedal on key issues and play dumb about the negative impact it is certain to have.

I do think this audience of those who say they want to change had better make the leap. You’re throwing away time you will never get back. I try not to have regrets, but thinking about the things I would’ve done differently had I been armed with knowledge is a thorn in my side that hurts!

I sincerely hope the younger readers have learned valuable lessons that will carry them further into their adulthood that will serve them well.  To that end, you may have heard Miss Glamtastic got married. She began reading these forums less than one year ago, applied key principles, made appropriate adjustments based on her needs, remained flexible, met/vetted a man and married him in three months. Amazing!

I don’t know what else to tell you fence sitters and deniers except, digging deep and being focused will yield stellar results at improving your lives. So what are you waiting for?

  • What plans have you planned and integrated since Jan 1st?

8 Replies to “AOFB Mid-Year Review”

  1. I realize I'm tardy to the party for this comment but heck yes for premium content. I enjoy supporting those who are willing to put themselves out there for BW.

    As for things I've implemented:
    -Starting recording everything I eat with my lovely "my fitness pal" app which has caused me to eat more conscious of calories and fat content.
    -Got a dog so walking more and getting some outdoor air.
    -Accepting full responsibility for upkeeping my hair thanks to "Lady Godiva" via "Sojourner's Passport." For all natural ladies who haven't bought the book, you're missing out.
    -Applied to grad school

    -Freshen up my Japanese
    -Start on French
    -Join a gym
    -Start Dating

  2. for 2011, iv successfully implemented some of my goals. i have found that i have succeed in those i answered the why and not necessarily the how. once i have the why part pinned down, i attract the results i want.

    be they spiritual, physical, social or financial goals, i have done well to answer with CONSCIOUS LIVING.
    so far, i donell well to:
    -start (and keep going) on my spiritual journey.
    -stop drinking coffee.
    -eat healthier: reduce my intake of dairy (especially cow's milk), reduce intake of meat, and eat more organic food
    -i have learnt to make bread and almond milk!!!
    -exercise: i have an active gym membership and cycling is fun again!!
    -im saving more than 50% of my income (65.3% to be exact). BTW, im a uni student.

    for the remainder of the year, i hope to
    -get good grades
    -- learn to drive
    -travel and outdoor adventures
    -fall madly in love with….;)
    -take up the piano again.
    -start investing in the stock market and real estate back home.

    1. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing Laughing Eyes — you\’re doing a lot and it\’s only going to make your life better. 1-2 years from now and here-on out you\’ll look back at this time of change and be glad you put the effort into doing it NOW.

  3. Ahem, that is a Romulan Warbird, not, I repeat not a Bird of Prey! The Klingon ships are called Birds of Prey. As for plans for improvement, this is my year to get my financial house in order. Nothing fancy, just need to save more.

    1. Ah Zoopath, shall I whip out my Star Trek history for ya! Klingon Birds of Prey didn\’t show up until \”The Search for Spock\” movie. Furthermore, the first Bird of Prey shown was Romulan -in the Balance of Terror episode. Klingons got Bird of Prey ships because Kruge\’s ship in the movie referenced above was originally intended to be a stolen Romulan ship -- not Klingon in the scripts. The \”Warbird\” phrase was then used in ST: Next Generation series by Picard, et al.

      1. Lol! I stand corrected. I can't remember the last time I got schooled on Star Trek canon 😉

        1. Zoopath: This was an unexpected exchange for both of us. You're the only person who mentioned it, but I'm sure somebody else confused the Klingon and Romulan ships as well. The writers got lazy and messed up continuity — even most viewers didn't notice. Also note that I may certainly make mistakes, but I do try to research everything I write — even for something as simple as a ST mention!

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