Angels & Virgins

You might have looked at that title and asked, “WhAat….?”. CHILL folks. I’m revisiting two previous post where I featured a musical ‘battle’ of songs titled “Angel” and some of my favorite Holiday Music. I’m very fond of Ave Maria which are actually sung prayers and considering Schubert, Bach and Caccini wrote compositions I’d say it holds meaning.

Don’t miss the Denyce Graves performance. Ring in the New Year with joy, reverence and a little deference. In gratitude. We’ve got a few Higher Power assists looking out and rooting for us.

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Three years after the original post – score – a live version of Anita Baker’s Angel.

Sarah Brightman singing Ave Maria.

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  1. Happy New Year, Faith! Listening to Ave Maria is always a celestial experience. I once heard Pavoratti sing this version of the song, and I wanted to cry.

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