Amidst The Irony Of The “War On Women”, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Asks Why We’re Not All Feminists?

It’s something worth examining. We’ve featured the renown novelist’s earlier TED-related presentation. While I call into question to use of and definition of “feminist” to make sure it’s use and execution benefits those women and girls who need it the most, I appreciate Ms. Adichie’s continued exploration and call to action.

We raise girls to cater to the fragile egos of males (who are increasingly fatherless or poorly parented, dysfunctional, confused, resentful and competitive with an axe to grind against women. We allow women to tie their validation and self-worth based on how much attention they can get – and it’s usually negative. We push too many into being self-sufficient to make up for the lack of support they’d have in healthier environments. Or on the opposite end, too permissive. We let external influences shape them (pop culture, religiosity) by not setting boundaries or allow for personal exploration. We don’t encourage authenticity because we are not being real with who we are. We need male and female guardianship to exert an influx of care, concern and common sense.