Alrighty, I Could Have Posted This Yesterday

I logged offline a bit and see some people are still – and will forever be – focused on causes, plights, fights and drama that should never cross their mental thresholds. It’s interesting to have had enough distance from looking at the world a certain way to see what folly people engage in who are the least prepared to protect themselves in case of fall-out. I’ve also observed my own threshold crossing with letting go and trusting in the Source that won’t guarantee a problem-free life, but one where I won’t have to feel as if I’m literally and figuratively carrying an extra 1,000 lb anvil. Because, you know…we can’t!

I’ll be listing some organizations next week to continue our focus on “doing good”. Now, this isn’t about adding burdens. This is about shifting focus to working on, working with or surrounding yourself in positive forward motion where people position themselves to tip the scales back toward the divine. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling like evil has been creeping ahead because people are distracted by nonsense, eating crap food, burdened, having physical challenges and being left twisting in the wind.

We can talk about ways to try to avoid it, but what if you’re already in a ditch? What if you’re living to the best of your ability and are being pummeled by the world anyway? What if crappy things are happening to you through no fault of your own? Nobody wants to touch you and it’s like modern-day leprosy.

All the rights in the world can’t save you if your government is being manipulated by a foreign country. If all of your assets are suddenly seized. If you’ve prepared for A-D scenarios and some X-Y-Z disaster comes out of nowhere. People have to know they’re not alone. That they can make it. That someone does care.

Let’s choose quiet over chaos.

Surrender instead of trying to fix everything by yourself.

Bjork- Declare Independence