All Hail The Vegetable Kale

Kale can be used for so much more than making collard greens. It’s a great base for smoothies. Links for recipes after the jump.

I found an extensive curated list from across the web at Urban Bush Babes. Here’s a few that stood out:

kale salad with golden beets, green garlic, and a lime vinaigrette

Kale and Parmesan Frittata with Tomatoes

Mint Tahini Pineapple Kale Tofu Wrap

Here’s one I’m adding from one of my favorite food blogs, Sprouted Kitchen. I love all sorts of greens with roasted red peppers and perhaps a milder cow’s milk Spanish cheese like Tetilla  – or one more tangy like Mahón. Either way, enjoy some tasty and wholesome food!


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  1. Back to report on the recipe for Butternut Squash Kale Lasagna;

    Delicious!! Even despite my using the wrong size baking pan for the recipe!! I would remind any of us here to read the recipe thoroughly and use the correct size cookware for this lasagna.

    I also want to add that I decided to make things easier on myself and I used the pre-cut Butternut squash, and the pre-chopped bagged Kale both from Trader Joes. That was a great decision and it made working with these ingredients much easier for me.

    I'm only including this bit of info because I come from a cooking background that taught me to do EVERYTHING from scratch, and this felt great to utilize some easier techniques to get me to the place I needed to be. Sounds a lot like some of the lessons we have shared thru out the BWE/Common sense sphere, doesn't it ? Just a thought.

    All in all the recipe yields a very healthy dish, full of brightly colored vegetables and italian cheeses.

    1. Thank you for your follow-up. The precut food is a great time-saver for busy cooks and doesn't cost as much as pre-marinated meat packages for example. Do what works! Glad it turned out okay despite your pan issues!

  2. These recipes look really great. I really appreciate these new recipes. Coincidentally I will be trying a "Butternut Squash Kale Lasagna" recipe this weekend. I am doing a "pre-view" of sorts before I serve this item for guests!! I found it in Cooking Light Magazine, March 2013 issue page 110 for yummy pic and page 114 for the recipe. Thanks Faith for the post of the Kale poster..very informative.

  3. I love kale chips. I love to eat the raw kale chips from the store, and am set to try to make my own this weekend. Store-bought is oh-so-yummy and equally expensive!

    I've baked them before and love them that way too.

    1. Yes kale chips are good. They don't get the Big Agro gov't subsidies, which is why they're priced at a premium.

  4. I dislike collard greens and nearly all bitter foods. However, I love making kale chips (drizzled with olive oil, baked at low temperature and sprinkled with a little salt)! Healthy and delicious 🙂 Perhaps I will try one of the ideas above. Thank you, Faith!

    1. I found turnip or mustard greens were more bitter to me. And arugula is very peppery. I never thought of kale as bitter.

  5. I am so used to eating kale cooked as a sign but not in these inventive ways! Sounds like time to experiment in the kitchen ^_^

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