All Hail The Geek!

So-called nerds and geeks are the apparently “in” right now and are swiftly dispatching the hipster for cultural cache. It’s about time isn’t it? If being too cool for school is the antithesis of community-building, then those who may have been relegated to the periphery should feel confident in moving forward.

Remember “Freaks and Geeks” tv show? You can stream it on subscription services like Netflix.

Bravo had a reality show about the I Can Has Cheeseburger company (cute cat photos) titled, “LOL”.

Being nerdy doesn’t mean you have to be a social misfit.  “The Breakfast Club” film touched on a cultural zeitgeist that still exists debunking the myth that good-looking or popular folks have it better all the time.

“Beauty” is a commodity defined and traded to be used by those who wield it to gain position. Like wealth, social standing and education. It’s much harder to move from poverty to rices these days, but it’s not impossible. Women can benefit from the political gains of feminism and use patriarchy to their advantage.

Some of the world’s wealthiest men in the world are so-called geeks or nerds  – like Bill Gates. In building alliances, we should remember to build upon meaningful relationships (not only romantic but definitely work towards that as well).

Some of the smartest women in the world love science, computing, engineering and math:from Mae Jemison to Ada Lovelace. You can’t be afraid to take the road less traveled. In fact, deploying stealth mode (except to those who matter) in achieving certain goals may ensure your success.

There are so many more career options available in fields like audiology, to applied mathematics, to radiometry. So many things we may have never heard of, but exposing as many young girls to these fields early on is crucial. Forget the debate about the woes of male-dominated fields like programming and development, these fields are only pursued by a small subset of the general population in the first place.

Exposing more women to different options early and often is key.


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