AA Legacy Series Spotlight: Eartha Kitt

I’m reconfiguring an archived post that was my tribute to Eartha Kitt at news of her passing a little more than two years ago.

Reading the post again I just realized some of the themes we’ve recently been focused on – femininity, appearance, health and making choices as a “free” woman have been topics of interest to me all along! What a relief to discover I was connecting the dots but had to clear away the DBR nonsense and non-functioning beliefs that were getting in the way. The great thing about continuing at this “blogging obsession” of mine is one part of promoting our self-actualization and living full lives with no limitations.

That is sooo cool to me!

Despite her passing, she has still cast a long shadow. Pop Sugar UK has listed Ms. Kitt in their survey of 1950’s iconic hairstyles along with Lady Day, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Bettie Page.  Pretty is as pretty does.


Those newer to this forum weren’t reading the blog way back in 2008 so this will be a nice introduction and reaffirmation for those who have but may have forgotten about the post.


Eartha Kitt Tribute

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