#4 Favorite Blogs for 2011 – Music Corner

Hey all,

I’m trying to mix up posts so that everything isn’t a sledgehammer to the head (hehehe) when you come for a visit. To that end, I’m going to share some music blogs I enjoy[ed] (some of which are archives but the content is still good so go backwards and work your way to the last posts). I don’t need to list a disclaimer that I obviously don’t care for every artist featured do I?  My hope is that you will enjoy the blogs and find some new artists.

From a well-seasoned Brit who has a serious appreciation for Soul Music in its purity. Archived. Soul UK

From a media professional who hasn’t updated her site in ages (boo) but the archives and interviews are still good – Songs In the Key Of Life

From astute musical purveyors with a naughty blog title – The Music Slut

From the “Talent runs in the family” files as this music curator calls a well-known astrologer mom – I Listen To Everything

Rounding it out – Adventures Of An Audio Diva

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  1. And this was my husband Gary, he's my husband when David Bowie's not around which is most of the time! LOL:

    I was wearing a really long black maxidress on that night, and I don't have long legs or big boobs, so I wasn't advertising my merchandise and old John still wanted it! LOL As soon as Gary saw me, his wife Gemma POOF appeared…. *crickets* She complimented my dress and I said to her 'Thank you' but I still didn't want her around. OMG my legs were shaking when I met Gary! But Gary is really in love with her though, but she is hellbent on ruining her face and body to look like Barbie which was a shame because she used to be naturally cute to begin with. Break the spell! Break the spell! LOL yes I know I'm wrong! LOL

  2. OMG Faith!!!?? I saw Gary Numan and John Foxx (who started up Ultravox before Midge Ure joined them) on April 2nd and I got my pic taken with both of them each in VIP area after the actual gig! The gig was STUPENDOUS, great sound, and my friend and I were in the very front. The skin on Gary's arms is so smooth! And John hit on me! But I'd prefer to got in a time machine set to 30 years ago in order to deal with that! Although Gary I would have right now! LOL

    I'll send you pics of my friend and I at the gig soon! Here's gig footage:

    This is the guy who actually hit on me, yes he made a pass at me, and I still can't believe it (well I sorta can!):

    1. Thanks for the pictures and video AK. It sounds like you had a really great time. Isn't it nice to get a complement from someone you want?!

      1. John Foxx is a bit of a genius although Gary isn't exactly stupid or anything either. Maybe he'd be interesting to go out with for a bit. But the one I want actually is Gary but Gary's married, he has three little kids, and his wife works for him and is ALWAYS. AT. ALL. OF. HIS. GIGS…..sadly! I tell you she looks totally different from the naturally cute woman she was 10 to 15 years ago! She now looks like a Barbie wannabe type trying to get into acting in Hollywood, very bad LA! Which is where Gary and his family are now trying to move to…..

  3. By the way Faith, you know Paul Weller from The Jam from back during the punk 70s? The 'Town Called Malice' guy. You do know that when he started up a new band in the 80s called The Style Council that the black woman singer in it Dee C. Lee was his first wife right?

    Here's a link showing Dee and Paul when they were together, they've been divorced for years now, and one of their kids. They had one boy and one girl together, both nice looking kids actually as the girl models. Paul once or twice after Dee and has loads of kids up his sleeve now! LOL:

  4. Oh yeah regarding Back To The Phuture again I really 'wish you were here' Faith to see it with us because I think you'd enjoy it, well hopefully LOL Your taste in music sounds really cool. When I saw Siouxsie Sioux in 2008, and Nick Cave before that in 2005 both in London I liked it all so hopefully my Husband there will live up to his cultish reputation! LOL

    TA-DAAAA! Here's one of my Husbands and this time his skin isn't looking too bad here (his eyes are to DIE for!) and he really likes fake tan these days! LOL:

    His wife Gemma is addicted to plastic surgery and it's rumored that she got Gary to get those needle-less face lifts, as he's scared of needles, and I think it all seems to be working without being over the top like say David Gest (yikes!) Liza Minelli's scary ex!

  5. By the way Faith, my friend another BW with Jamaican parents, and I are gonna both see Gary Numan, and John Foxx who was in the original incarnation of Ultravox in the 70s before Midge Ure (Oh as if I had to tell you! LOL LOL) , on April 2nd which is a Saturday. It's a concert in the evening called Back To The Phuture and the one in Manchester happens on April 1st with a slightly different line up but they'll both have Gary in common. It's supposed to be a 'celebration' of old school, and new school electronica I think.

    I tell yah both Gary and David Bowie are my Husbands! LOL And Gary WAS aging well and looking luverly up until about 2008, and now…. I'm not so sure! LOL We'll see when I see him on stage in a couple of weeks! LOL LOL I say the culprit is too much sun! LOL

  6. They're not black Faith- and I am such a 'muso' especially a nostalgic 'muso' for old music particulary all of the different sub-benres of music that popped up shortly before I was born, when I was born, and shortly after I was born (!) LOL -, but I now have a mini-infatuation with a band from Sweden called The Knife aand especially with their songs called 'Heartbeats' and 'You Take My Breath Away'. If you see them on Youtube you will think they're crazy, but yeah a few of the newer bands I like are them, a couple of Florence & The Machine songs, one Kate Nash song, a couple of Robyn's songs….Sadly Amy Winehouse became a mess and just stopped but I do love Goldfrapp though.

    I like a bit of The Noisettes, VV Brown who stopped a bit, Santigold's alright, and I like Janelle Monae too but it's too bad she's signed up with rappers.

    1. I was scratching my head for a second over your statement about a band you enjoyed not being black. I realize some of the blogs I highlighted may have been soul-music heavy. I don't necessarily equate modern day soul with black -- even as I'm protective of our historic contribution because things have been so degraded. I'm jamming to the new Radiohead release personally. And I've seen Goldfrapp every US tour except last year's :(. If you check out my archives for my Deploying A Little Negro Spirit I discuss…a few things about the industry, our responsibility, etc http://actsoffaithblog.com/?s=deploying+a+little+

      1. Forgive me for the mentioning of the black ness part. That was just me being an idiot I guess! LOL

        1. You're not an idiot….I wanted to make sure the point was clarified in case there was some confusion. No worries.

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