Infographic On Women’s Use Of The Internet Around The Globe

Access matters! We’re so lucky here in the United States and other Western countries to be able to use computers in public spaces like the local library and have so many open wifi hotspots.

While I don’t think it wise to dismiss the ongoing talk of a digital divide, we shouldn’t be so quick to feel defeated either. Women in developing nations tend to have less access and more barriers. Economic upheavals in the West also necessitate finding ways to stay above water in different ways than merely relying on a shifting status quo. Nothing beats having your own personal computer and 24/7 internet access that’s portable, affordable and reliable.

It’s rural access for residents in outlying areas that will become the biggest challenge in the “wealthy” countries. While “urban” users do have challenges, many times it comes down to priority versus convenience. Looking at the comparison of conditions for women across regions certainly helps bring perspective to barriers, entitlement and expectations.

An organization created the infographic (view after the jump), while Pew Internet released it’s latest research findings mid-February. In case you think this is data heavy let me share two key areas of interest. First, as of December 2012, 71% of women polled use social networking sites. Second, Blacks (and Latinos) are its biggest users. Facebook is the most widely used social networking site. Between lead generation for growing companies, to funneling support for lifestyle movements, to connecting without borders now is the time to create and capitalize on opportunities!

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The Cinderella Experience Is Yours

Be Like “Cindy”!!


Early readers of Acts of Faith In Love & Life will remember how well my post on re-examining the Cinderella mythos,  Cinderella: Guerilla Training Manual resonated with so many of you. I’ve debated how to expound on its theme of empowerment and due to the requirements of building this forum (not to mention my own growth and pursuit of key interests), I needed time to weigh my options.

If you go over that essay, you’ll notice how much the landscape has changed for the better since it was originally published. Which was the point!  The BWE social justice initiative was successfully integrated into the fabric of modern black society, whether it is accepted by the masses or not.  The result of which we see by the added knowledge base of individual black women choosing to expand their “realities” by increasing opportunities in higher-standard living. As well as by taking note of the infiltrators, traitors and opportunists who try to refute, misdirect or marginalize key messaging.

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Pure by Blue Six

This is one of my favorite songs on a music compilation I’ve had for years: Nude Dimensions Vol. 2, mixed by Mauricio Aviles. The Petalpusher remix of Pure used in this mix is from Miguel Migs. It encapsulated the San Francisco deep house sound that was well-supported by a few great record labels (OM, Naked, etc.) and world-class DJs and producers (Kaskade, Gabriel & Dresden, Hideo Kobayashi, David Harness). For me, it continued the evolution of what Chicago and New York began.

As with many things bubbling beneath the surface of consciousness, I had the urge to listen to this song, but had lost the CD. I don’t think I ever made a backup copy and had to do an internet search for the particular mix. Viola!

I had to remember some of the lyrics to find the correct song, which prompted me to look at them in their entirety. And I think many of you will relate. The emotional weight of the song definitely stems from vocalist Monique Bingham co-writing it. **Go check out her website and support the career of a beautiful soul with a purpose!

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What SOCIETY Do You Want To Be A Part Of?

Perhaps because I’m observing some rather dense interpretations amongst certain women who miss the forest from staring a tree leaves, it poses a question (legit or false) about our place in society and free agency. Does the legality of Marriage Equality granted to same gender-loving people negatively impact hetero couples? Does telling single black women to seek out viable partners regardless of race prevent two people from the same ethnic group from being together?

How does marriage between consenting adults open the possibility for legalized incest between an adult and a minor (or a father and adult son as actor Jeremy Irons recently asked)? Will an open marriage between a couple of different genders negate a monogamous one between others? There are inherent norms, assumed positions and things people do — but don’t talk about. Then there’s wholly dysfunctional, abnormal, exploitative, manipulative actions under the guise of “matter of fact”. Then there’s lying to yourself and others about less than stellar circumstances and acceptance of mediocrity.

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