Who Knew The SuperBowl Would Be So Interesting?

I was mildly curious about this year’s Super Bowl because the San Francisco 49ers had made it to the finals after a 15-year absence. In addition, I lived in the City when there was some of the most heated public debate about where the team would make its home in the new stadium projects being proffered. This was coupled with the gentrification concerns for the one mostly undeveloped area left in the City, the majority-black underclass neighborhood of Bayview/Hunter’s Point. Considering there’s less than a 3% black population in the city and 6% in the entire state of California, you will see a shift in the larger numbers of old-guard post Civil Rights-era representation that belies the future constituency when the current CBC members die off, never to return.

Given its proximity to a former naval shipyard that is the current site of a hazardous zone, the deal brokered by former Mayors Willie Brown (who’s black) and Gavin Newsom’s attempts at finalizing a shopping complex/condo project that all ultimately fell through, no improvement has been made to the area and the 49ers decided to permanently move outside the city to Santa Clara where they already had their administrative offices located. Though there will be a new shopping Mall on the site of Candlestick Park, that still falls short of actually improving the blighted sections. Considering the development company got the land for an estimated $1, these types of deals usually don’t help the people that would most benefit. There was also a bit of behind-the-scenes drama between the team owners, where the brother (from a billionaire family) had been ousted, the sister acquired the controlling interest and the team hadn’t come close to winning a significant game in more than a decade. San Francisco is definitely known as a tech town rather than a sports fanatic city. That might change, despite their 3 point loss to the Baltimore Ravens last night.

I don’t know who watched the game, but it was awesome!  The power grid failed at the Super Dome in NOLA for nearly 40 minutes. This speaks of our serious lack of infrastructure in the USA and how one flip of a switch or bad weather could level a city fast. Of course, the irony that this happened post-Katrina was lost on nearly no one and the money spent fighting on foreign soil for control of resources should not negate prioritizing the safekeeping of our citizenry at home. If there was an legit terrorist attack (or crime spree) here, all it would take is turning out the lights.

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