In Case You Were Wondering What Spoon To Use At That Posh Dinner Party

Personally, one of my favorite reasons for watching costume dramas are the food scenes where table service is involved. I’ve picked up a few pointers over the years, which helped reinforce such use when the opportunity presented itself. It’s a highlight of Downtown Abbey, especially when the servants take such care in setting them properly. My only problem is a common one that I have being left-handed and feeling dyslexic – as if everything is backwards for use of the hand that I favor. I’ve spent time practicing using my right hand to hold utensils and glassware, but it’s very awkward. Usually if this is an important event hosted by someone else, I’ll ask to be seated on a particular side or close to the corner so I have some leeway. If I’m in charge I simply change the order of how items are placed. It’s a bit of a chore, but when people follow traditions without ever questioning what works better for some versus others, each individual person must take their own initiative to shine. Here’s a quick refresher in formal table manners.

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Imagine Having Representation of Your Needs At The Power Table

I think it might look a little something like this:


This is Politics 101 folks. There was a time when certain leaders actually LEAD despite their flaws and backroom shenanigans. The stakes have never been higher and we need concrete action more than ever. Is this a case of not being proactive in setting an agenda or not being heard? Everybody else got their audience and walked away with a parting gift…except black people. It’s not too late!

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A “Hoochie” Barbie That Offends Or Is Mattel Paying Attention?

I just did a quick peek at the Mattel company website and did not see this potential offering of their latest Barbie, but discussions on social media platforms are already abuzz.  Naturally Moi has an article asking whether this doll (which they’ve labeled as being a new Barbie) is an accurate representation of African-American women.

Meet your newest Ratchet Hip-Hop Black Barbie?!

Knock-off designer bags. Check.

Exposed cleavage. Check.

All they need to do is add a few pieces like pajama bottoms, a head scarf, purple drank and Hood Rat Barbie is complete.

Does this offend you?

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Deathstyles by Blackistan & Incorrect BWE Messaging

The Battle Has Been Won: Now You Have To Live Within & Help Expand This New Power Dynamic

As always, keep your wits about you. I had to ask myself if I really wanted to have another conversation related to Black Women’s Empowerment (BWE) messaging. It’s not for lack of want for success in the lives of countless women, but I have to ask whether most women are moving forward or circling the same issues repeatedly and why that is so appealing. So consider this another Maintenance Report. As we are in the era of post-BWE success, do we need regular reminders of what BWE is and is not to drive home the accurate message of self-actualization?

Is looking back the best method for determining progress? Wouldn’t goalposts along the route better serve those who have decided to move forward? For those who’ve benefited, did you take yours and cut and run? Where’s the due diligence? If you’ve noticed something amiss in the blogosphere have you ignored it or assumed someone else would address it? You’re certainly not required to be self-sacrificing, but that’s not paying it forward either. Remember, whatever you focus on expands and what you abandon diminishes. We’ve extensively discussed the scope, purpose, focus and implementation of proper BWE messaging (along with its upkeep) here and at a handful of forums. So please, bookmark this post and use as a reference if necessary. Let’s review a few archived posts and continue after the jump.

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What’s Your Most Romantic Movie?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day I thought we’d compile a list of the most tear-jerkiest, sexy, gut-wrenching, star-crossed lost love, fight the power, romantic and obstacle overcoming protagonist films. If you do a quick search a lot of the older films are listed online where you can watch them in their entirety for free.

Here’s a few faves:

Pride & Prejudice

The Notebook

Nicolas Sparks has cornered the market on this genre with The Vow, Dear John, etc.

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Sushi 101

Are you new to sushi or think it’s all about raw fish? Well, if you’re looking for an introduction and feel brave enough to try it at home, here’s a quick instructional video in making California rolls. Get a list of ingredients and go for it.