Scandal Creator Smacks Down Criticism Of Her Writing Choices & Why Some Black Women Still Don’t Get It

Did any of you watch the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards last night? Here’s Kerry Washington looking lovely as usual.

Before we get into this conversation, I wanted to share the news that Survivior/Thriver Tina Turner is poised to become a Swiss citizen and give up her US passport. This is important for several reasons, but what I want to focus on is how Ms. Turner is making choices that benefit her. She’s not holding onto people, places or positions that no longer carry water. She’s lived abroad for more than 20 years and is happily coupled, so there’s no reason for her to look back. Yet, some black women still don’t get it and will continue choosing the slow lane and throw roadblocks to impede the progress of others. Compare and contrast her choices with yours and ask yourself if you’re living for other people’s ideologies or your own? Does your cup runneth over or is it empty?

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Words Of Wisdom From A Rat!?

Have any of you dear friends watched the 2007 animated feature, Ratatouille? I LOVED it so much and found it was such an inspirational story. Even as the ick factor of the real-life ramifications of a cooking rat had to be suspended for the sake of a movie plot metaphor, the idea of someone with a perceived negative, handicap or obstacle resisting doubt and naysayers to follow their bliss certainly resonated.

Here’s one of my favorite clips.

The 2013 Golden Globes Went Beyond Press Conferences, Perfume & Reality TV

Did any of you watch the Golden Globes last night? All I could think about was thank goodness there were no mammy movies up for awards this year! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler tag-teamed that joint and did a great job! I try to limit the amount of television I watch and right now don’t even have one. If there’s a show that I must watch, I can usually find it online. Right now the one show I feel I must watch during its broadcast is Scandal! Fitz said “hi” and all of the women viewers collectively swooned.

Thus Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu and my trusty DNS bocker (so I can watch Canadian and European shows) are my best methods for keeping up with some of my current faves like Downton Abbey. It’s okay, because I can usually find out what happened on a show if I follow my Twitter feed for live responses. I prefer to be surprised though.

I wasn’t going to write about the Globes, but a friend sent me message on Twitter expressing their surprise that I wasn’t doing a live play-by-play. There is a live stream for most award shows, so viewers from around the world and in different time zones can watch simultaneously, but sitting through these shows can be rather tedious.

I streamed a recap of the ceremony and mostly relied on skimming through social media to get feedback. Of course, we can’t forget to show interest in some of the fashion highlights and winners, but my interest piqued because I heard Jodi Foster “officially” came out during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award (and looks amazing for 50). In what has to be a secret to almost no one, the Hollywood icon decided to publicly acknowledge her private life. If she’s okay with that, cool. We should all be free to be our fully actualized selves. Of course I’m not sure “Hollywood” dog and pony shows provide the proper venue, but they do offer international press coverage.

Wow! Wasn’t that great! See a quick fashion recap after the jump.

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Jump Start Your Health Kick With These Warm Winter Salads

It’s a new year and during the first few weeks of January many people make a pledge to eat healthier fare, especially in light of past holiday revelry. While I personally love salads, I don’t always want it served cold and I need variety if I’m going to eat vegetables. Except for spinach, which I can eat 24/7 in any incarnation I’m picky about my vegetables. Some salads offer better nutritional value than others and in keeping with eating what’s actually in season (which lowers the cost of what you might purchase and usually tastes better), going from farm to table (as part of the slow food movement) we have to make conscientious choices and get the best bang for our buck.


Recipe for Warm Faro & Mustard Green Salad courtesy of La Buena Vida.

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