Online Educational Resources For Smart Cookies

Udemy Free Courses – Udemy is an example of a site allows anyone to build or take online courses. Udemy’s site exclaims, “Our goal is to disrupt and democratize education by enabling anyone to learn from the world’s experts.”

The New York Times reported that Udemy, “recently announced a new Faculty Project, in which award-winning professors from universities like Dartmouth, the University of Virginia and Northwestern offer free online courses. Its co-founder, Gagen Biyani, said the site has more than 100,000 students enrolled in its courses, including several, outside the Faculty Project, that charge fees.”

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J Is For Joy

Today’s message is brought to you by the letter “J”, but is underscored by the letter “H” for happiness and “C” for contentment. How have you been dear friends? We’ve been heavy on the inspiration lately at the blog, because you have numerous venues to feed your angst.

Being joyful despite not living in a constant state of bliss isn’t easy. It’s often a moment by moment process. ‘Happy’ is a choice.

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Inspirational Quotes Series: Lorraine Hansberry

“I wish to live because life has within it that which is good, that which is beautiful, and that which is love. Therefore, since I have known all of these things, I have found them to be reason enough and–I wish to live. Moreover, because this is so, I wish others to live for generations and generations and generations and generations.”

― Lorraine Hansberry, To Be Young, Gifted and Black

Question Of The Week #3: What Are Your Low Cost Techniques For Luxurious Living?

There are numerous ways we can add luxury without breaking the bank. This is something to keep in mind as many people overextend themselves buying gifts at this time of year.

Here’s My Top Five:

Gourmet Chocolate

While I love Vosges Haut Chocolat, at $8 per bar I enjoy Green & Blacks Organic bars just as much and at $3.99 it’s more reasonable. The best bars have a higher cocoa content.  Powdered chocolate makes for amazing hot chocolate beverages.

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Question Of The Week #2: How Do You Deal With Heartbreak?

The depths of grief, confusion and pain we feel at the loss of loving attachments are only surpassed by the heights when everything came together. Generally, this question might more readily lend to romantic relationships. There are other key relationships, however. ‘Lost’ love and disappointment can be impacted by outgrowing friendships. Or people we may have held in high regard, who may act in ways that seem out of character.

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I Refuse To Call Myself A Beiber Fan, But This Song Is Hot!

I’m loving this song, As Long As You Love Me by Justin Beiber. That would be despite the fact that a) I’m clearly not his target demographic b) I’m not a Twi-Mom/50 Shades of Crap Grey reader c) rarely listen to the radio and d) still thinks he barely looks a day over the age of 12!

I see you Michael Jackson!

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Women In Power: Who’s Representing YOUR Interests?

Something to consider for those who would seek the interests of woman-friendly legislation and power-bases:  there are now TWENTY (20) woman Senators, the biggest number in the history of the United States to date! Technically, there are 17 currently serving, 5 newly elected and 2 retiring leaving the 20.

It would of course be unwise to presume any random woman actually supports other women. Nor should men be ruled out as potential allies.

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