Ladies If You Want More Respect From Men, Name It & Claim It

If music reflects society and depicts the loosening ties between the sexes, many rightfully wonder where all the love songs went.

Replay Of Tough Concepts via What Women Never Hear

If girls and women trash and abandon listening to any music that demeans females or lifts men over them, then men would soon follow. If women were to like and listen exclusively to love ballads and similar female-friendly music, men would be forced to listen or go elsewhere. If sex is more hint than obvious, such music calms instead of elevates libido and aggressiveness, especially for men. It helps bond those who want to bond. It pushes sex into the background. Not forbidden but something to be earned, which challenges men and earns manly respect of females that insist on sex being earned by someone worthy of them.

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Oops My Bad: Here’s ‘The Good Wife’ Recap

I thought I wrote a Season Three round-up, but realize it was a mid-season review posted last January. Actually, it was more of a viewer’s lament as I was deeply disappointed in the season thus far.

Somehow the cosmos was at the ready, for the writing gods converged to adjust the plots gone awry. Femme-fatale extraordinaire Kalinda is finally getting her props (which has played beautifully going into Season Four). I still say TPTB almost wrecked her character after actress Archie Punjabi won an Emmy and was poised to make TGW The Kalinda Show.

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