Because Political Tunnelvision Won’t Benefit You

Well, myopia about any issue pertaining to other aspects our lives doesn’t work either. It seems as if the two areas that happen to be crucial, critical and extensive: politics and religion are often where people fail to use any common sense!

I found myself dealing with an irate reader whose shero-worship of a public figure was threatened by a critique I posted to the blog’s Facebook page. We’ve already asked black women voters in particular to carefully scrutinize their electoral options. I learned a long time ago after touching on 3rd rail topics (which could be just about anything) that most people want to be “right” no matter what. Or bury their heads.

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Inspirational Quotes Series: Eckhart Tolle

“The past has no power over you, only you give it power when you keep bringing it up.”

– A New Earth

There’s a lot of power in that statement! If we continue to live with regrets, looking back obsessing about what we wish had turned out differently (blaming or berating ourselves and others) we can’t move forward.

Not to mention the fact that living in the past means we’re not living in presently, in the moment! We have to be careful about what we affirm (say yes to, accept, believe) in our lives.

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Why Ask Why We Do Things We Know We Shouldn’t?

 To err is human; to forgive, divine.

Alexander Pope

We’re gonna do them anyway! That slice of cake. Skipping the gym. Losing our temper. Some actions that lead us to dark places. Over-achievement, overcompensation and imbalance.

I listened to an extended mix of a few female singer-songwriters yesterday right now actually but you won’t read this until tomorrow. As you know, we women like to discuss our relationships – especially when it comes to l-o-v-e.

We all want it. How we get it and whether it’s good enough to keep drives us crazy. There are a few voices out there that capture certain vibes I relate to in certain ways at certain times.

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Would You Pay $3000 To Learn How To Marry Into Wealth?

Sorry gents, this is strictly for the ladies! Beijing’s Moral Education Centre for Women offers a 30-hour course in life skills and ways for marriage-focused women to appeal to men of means.

Instructors advise going to places that the rich frequent, such as fancy bars and private clubs, learning proper restaurant and dining etiquette, studying formal dress, staying indifferent when presented with luxury gifts and avoiding insincere flattery.

Some of this advice is universally sound. It could work for anyone who wants to expand their social circles. I can see where some people would twist the idea of positioning and expediency and make it into a calculated, self-serving venture. Who gives a ____!!

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Womanly Words Of Wisdom: From Me To You

I threw a lot of deeply personal and introspective posts at you last week. Often when we’re looking at external friction, we may get so focused on responding to stimuli that we don’t center ourselves.

I’ve personally hit what I’m referring to as deep potholes (versus mere speed-bumps). Yet, I’m seeing how faster I can realign my wheels by a) trusting I’m on the right road and b) accepting how a different route might just get me where I want to go more efficiently than getting upset or off-track over every shift in gears.

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