Raspberry Ice Cream Pie On A Hot Summer Day Sure Sounds Good!

                     Don’t you just wanna big bite?!

Now here’s a simple dessert that looks very elegant. It’s great for a brunch, baby shower, etc. Adding the fruit is a great way to ensure it veers on the healthier side. You can substitute the ice cream with Greek yogurt (adding a sweetener to taste) if you make it in advance and you’re feeling ambitious!


*Recipe courtesy of Eat Sleep Cuddle

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Wanna Know What Taking A Calculated Risk Looks Like?

I was catching up on posts at Newbies Guide To Publishing and noted how another author contemplated the decision to leave his corporate career to write full-time. Read the entire guest post by Jude Hardin and Joe’s response. There are certain things that are advised to be put in place before taking huge leaps. Of course, you can always chose to do something you feel strongly about regardless.

The question is should you?

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Sorry, But I Just CAN’T Co-Sign Revisionist Slave Narratives

Oh and I have a few other thoughts. Like the massive EU bailout. One of Jerry Sandusky’s children accusing him of molestation. Awkward Black Girl Season Two. Twitter getting hacked again. Artificially-flavored packaged bubble-gum apple slices. How about that economy?

I think a recent schedule change has me confused about what day it is. Yup, I Thought It Was Thursday!! So ya’ll get a free-form post fresh. I do have lots of posts in-progress. I’ve banked about 10 Inspirational Quotes for example. This is not a lazy post, but it’s my bedtime (been up since 11am yesterday). Despite my near delirium after a sunrise bubble-bath, there are a couple of things worth the convo. Consider this your Open Forum. Ask questions. Share a link. Spill some tea. It’s all good.

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As The Talk Show Ends Its Run, Kudos To The Revolution For Helping Women Recognize Their Power

Some of my favorite examples of courage are of women adopting the affirmative for who they really are and acting on it. I was so glad to have watched the ABC talk show, The Revolution. While there was some controversy about the network replacing venerated soap operas with scripted tv shows, I liked the aspirational message encouraging women to realize their full potential. The Revolution is hosted by Tim Gunn, Ty Pennington, Harley Pasternak and MDs Tiffanie Davis and Jennifer Ashton. Due to ratings it will end its run in about two weeks, but it’s worth checking out.

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

A few things to consider. Early reinforcement of positive and affirming messages about the value of girls form the basis of a healthy self-image. By no means should we feed the ego or encourage chasing after male attention. This is about encouraging trust in our innate femaleness and femininity. We see examples of how women who’ve been denigrated or indulged behave in ways that don’t serve their interests.

Daughters are Pretty, Say Nothing Different

All females know in their heart of hearts that they are pretty. God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize them that way. (Some may think they aren’t pretty, but it’s their conscious mind working. They have quit listening to their heart.) When parents and family tell them they are pretty, daughters hear a ringing endorsement of their heart of hearts. They really are pretty, and it confirms their femaleness and self-respect and reinforces their sense of self-importance.

An absent cultural infrastructure impacts every aspect of a girl’s life. Without a supportive enough background many black women cling to religious totems too tightly. Well, actually a lot of people do this, but the disproportionate amount of worldly chaos influences the divine dogmatic devotion amongst African American women in particular. How can it not? It devalues but sets up females to be sabotaged while still expected to be saviors.

Fashion Bomb Exclusive: Sam Fine on the State of Black Beauty, Beauty Mistakes Women of Color Make, and Makeup Products You Need in Your Arsenal

.I think the biggest beauty mistake is not understanding how to enhance your beauty….I think the biggest mistake is not participating in the game at all.

Operating from such a deficit is something many folks don’t want to admit – let alone change. We can always talk about the depravity antics within Blackistan. It’s more important to focus beyond limitations and dysfunction.

How Do You Know When You’ve Done All You Can?

                                         Roadblock to the nth degree

You’re not lazy. You’re more than willing to apply yourself. You welcome sound advice. You’re focused. You’ve weighed pros and cons. You’ve over-analyzed your entire life’s choices. You’ve tried to be Zen. Maybe the operative word is tried. Which is not-too-subtle code for tried and failed. You’re supposed to DO.

You have but nothing’s panned out. You’re not sure if it’s a ‘until’ situation or if all is lost. But you haven’t given up. What if you’re surrounded by idiots, naysayers and saboteurs? You know, the Walking Dead. Of course you don’t want to be anywhere near them. You’re stuck. You’re hoping whatever protective gear you have lasts long enough..but you start to wonder if you should close your eyes and call it a day. Only this isn’t some dystopian novel that serves as entertainment. There’s no rescue squad. When is enough….enough? How do you know and who gets to decide?

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Snagging, Bagging & Tagging: White Men!

Yup, that’s a provocative title for sure. It’s a spin on the book Girls’ Guide To Hunting & Fishing. I was thus inspired by a little blogger troll who took issue with my Mrs. & Mr. Zuckerberg post from last week. Which was about how an average woman can position herself to live well and how marriage to a person who adds value certainly helps facilitate that. So sad…too bad certain people remain stuck on stoopid. It’s all about perspective..and choice.

Apparently Flat Earth Theorists know something we don’t. According to this scholar of relationships black women wouldn’t be interested in a man who came from a 2-parent home, espouses Middle Class values, busted his hump to get into Harvard, learned how to relate to women by trial and error – oh and is a game-changer. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – no OOW kids, criminal record or public displays of questionable behavior. Not to mention a Rolodex and access to certain social circles to die for.

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Why Not Ignore BS & Focus On Beauty Instead!

                                                        Yes, I heart bathtubs!

Hey all! I’m traveling and had no working internet to update posts. Every time I tried to upload to publish my connection would drop. I abhor being so tech-dependent – or deficient – depending on how you look at things. Everything works out in the end as more of you marinated on this week’s earlier post about creating your own LIFE & MARRIAGE Playbook that works as well as what Asian women have quietly and methodically implemented with such precision.

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