Why Cowbird Might Be The Next Big Social Network

This may be a bold (or premature depending on who you ask) statement. Remember when Digg was one of the go-to sites to link a blog post to? Well…with all of the changes on the Interwebs no company is immune to ups and downs. Amplify went under. Posterous was sold to Twitter. Turntable.fm went from hip to zip seemingly overnight. Circumstances beyond one’s control offer no guarantees about continued interest in any business or endeavor.

Could anyone have predicted Pinterest would become the third largest social networking site behind Twitter and Facebook? The site flourishes despite half a dozen would-be copycats. And how is MySpace still on the list? Or that Facebook would pay $1B to purchase Instagr.am (especially considering it was only available as an iPhone app until a few weeks ago?). No one can accurately predict which company will hit or for how long. Continue reading “Why Cowbird Might Be The Next Big Social Network”