Womanly Words Of Wisdom From Zsa Zsa Gabor

Wouldn’t you know some younger woman at a celebrity forum posted a hilarious quotation made by this infamous femme fatale born at the beginning of the 1900’s who has left us a few pearls of wisdom before departing this mortal coil. My pride was dinged a bit to have missed them thus far, but I’m pleased to see evidence of wisdom from the Millennials. So, I’m sharing with you lovely ladies! 

Zsa Zsa Gabor is an actress known for her glamorous image and numerous marriages. She is from an era when women knew how to use their assets and celebrity women did so without apology. Think Pearl Bailey. Lena Horne. Sophia Loren. Elizabeth Taylor. These women are undoubtedly sexy and alluring but classy in appearance.

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Do You Enjoy Being A Girl? #2

Every woman should know how to flirt and coo like hummingbird with functioning men regardless of her sexual orientation. A man appreciates being reminded of his masculinity – regardless of his sexual orientation. We’re all drawn to happy, confident and smiling people. Honing a witty repartee is a highly valuable skill.

This not only benefits a woman seeking romantic connections. It helps in finding mentors and developing valuable business alliances. A man can still be in a committed relationship but serve as a key ally helping you. Men want to feel their significance and where the politicization of feminism stumbles is in pushing women to view them as inadequate or combatants across the board. This attitude posits women prettify themselves out of weakness in deference to patriarchy, when the opposite is true.

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