The Choice Was Always Yours

Just a few thoughts. Much of this recent grumbling in certain corners of the blogosphere is yet another manifestation of indoctrination. Most people react poorly when they have to review their dogmas. If these conversations were only about a few there’d be no need to ever discuss the status of the black collective and its impact on the lives of black women and children.

That’s what prompted some of us to blog in the first place. We wanted to help others, develop ourselves and give a platform to those denied a voice. It’s not only about singlehood vs. marriage, The Help, Red Tails, Tyler Perry, white men, education, weight or black love. It’s not about me or you…or you or you. It’s about the future.

To lump the machinations of fake BWE messengers with those who have made measurable contributions in uplifting black women is not only misguided but offensive. Yet again we see the lack of accountability and discipline being publicly displayed. Lots of emotional venting and back-biting going on. Shoulder Shrug.

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I Think Margaret Atwood & Octavia Butler Called It

As we speed through another Women’s History Month I can’t help but wonder what unexpected events may occur. If you’ve been following some of the latest political shenanigans (and really you do need to pay attention) no one would blame you for expressing a myriad of emotions. It’s a three-ring circus with life-threatening consequences. The way certain male politicians are trying to dictate an agenda that removes choice and erases women is only as foul as the women who support it.

There’s always a multi-tiered plan in play. By pushing for extremes, it erodes present boundaries. You have to wonder if life has a way of shifting huge imbalances though. Those politicians like Rick Santorum trying to deny women not only contraception, but pre-natal care fueled an emboldened Rush Limbaugh to go so far off the reservation we’re seeing real accountability for the first time.

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Not To Beat A Dead Horse, But Since These Propaganda Messages About Weight Keep Coming Up

We have to combat the lies, exaggeration and misrepresentation. I hope if you’ve been reading this forum for a significant length of time, you’re also paying attention to trends and the agenda of others in trying to shape them. Let me also be direct in reminding the black women readership that it serves the interest of not only the black community but in media outlets like the Washington Post (a frequent violator) to reinforce an inferiority meme that targets you specifically.

You can basically count on various media to promote some type of message about our hair, weight, marriage prospects amongst other topics to distort perception in creating lack. Or a false dichotomy to dull your sense of urgency in correctly judging a situation. There’s a report from WaPo and the Kaiser Family Foundation that would have everyone believing black women are Santa Claus. You know – fat and jolly. Oh wait, isn’t that Aunt Jemima…er Mammy? The sassy black girlfriend? The asexual Magic Negress full of sage advice for de sad white folk?

This is just a new way of springing the ‘Strong Black Woman’ trap!

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