When Struggling With Change Determination Must Conquer Doubt

And obstinance….

The DC Comics series (and film which is out on DVD) Green Lantern offers an interesting contrast as it questions our relationship between will (determination) and fear (doubt). The movie was rather meh for me barring the unexpected Angela Bassett sighting as Dr. Amanda Waller.

The story does reflect how fear undermines our ability to make beneficial and bold choices. That element parallels many spiritual texts that warns us of the consequences of letting fear rule us instead of faith combined with action.

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Wow Sinead O’Connor Calls It!

Well color me speechless! While watching The Good Wife last night, the writers/producers made a bold statement. Alicia sat in on a review board involving a police officer with the last name Zimmerman who shot and killed an unarmed black man. That wasn’t a coincidence. Reading between the lines, Blue Ribbon Panel showed a very telling distribution of power. If you’re paying attention to whose interests are served and who has a seat at the table you will hopefully start considering your future. It wasn’t the key plot of the episode, but it certainly packed a wallop!

I’ve always enjoyed Sinead O’Connor for her insight, musicality and fearlessness. I can’t think of many modern-era entertainers who’ve been so willing to put themselves on the line for their beliefs, flaws and all. Here’s an excerpt of a recent post at her blog worth reading. She discusses the death of Trayvon Martin, but unlike many delves into core truths without being paternalistic.

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Skewered Justice Is No Justice At All

I have the television on as background noise as I’m writing this essay and the series 16 & Pregnant is airing. It’s a follow-up to the previous season, but it isn’t something I’d usually watch. Listening to these young women talk about their experiences is heavy. Perhaps the tone of the series would be different if they had selected different participants, but there’s a similar line of thinking and social class amongst the group.

You can read between the lines about the current uproar over a teen killed by a Neighborhood Watch volunteer.  I know what happened to Trayvon Martin was horrible. My heart goes out to his parents. I hope his mother has the support she needs and they get grief counseling. Similar in mentality, it should not be a surprise but the Twilight Zone behavior of those in Blackistan bending over backwards to focus on George Zimmerman would’ve said zip if they had both been the same race.

Let alone if it had been a black girl followed, harassed and killed by a black male. You can’t ignore the race-based gender terrorism! Zimmerman may very well be a racist which only plays into the ‘evil white male” hegemony reaction by so many blacks.  I see the ambulance chasers surrounding the parents and this growing furor fueled by misguided and opportunistic types and it makes my blood boil.

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Follow The Career Of British Director Steve McQueen Making Non Stereotypical Choices

No More Excuses From the Usual Suspects

Just call him the Black Steve McQueen. Acclaimed artist and director Steve McQueen has only made two feature-length films so far, but so far so good! Plus, his subject matter from Bear to his most recent art installation in Amsterdam is actually interesting. Not a Madea in sight!

Hunger and Shame are both tough films to digest in moments because they strip away all pretense. You’re not watching a self-indulgent project, a comic book tale or a remake of a remake. My new favorite actor Michael Fassbender has been getting a LOT of buzz after working with the director which I’ve discussed in previous posts.  That has segued into other roles and good press begets success.

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Has Joanna Coles & Marie Claire Declared War On Blacks, Asians & Latinas Marrying White Men?

Why Did Hearst Publishing Sign Off On This?

The April 2012 issue of Marie Claire features a series on the role race plays in relationships titled, “Love & Race”. It’s not online yet, so I read a physical copy. While it seems positive and all-inclusive, reading between the lines there’s an undercurrent of passive-aggressive fear and anger that breaks through its PC veneer. Is there some unresolved personal issue in the life of Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles? Or is this a calculated pre-emptive strike on behalf of white women marking what they view as their territory? Somebody at Marie Claire is running scared the best white men are being poached by non-white women because they keep discouraging it!

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Those People Who Have A Problem With Fassy & Nicole Can Kick Rocks!

This is a great example for black women branching out! When I write about certain topics there’s usually a multi-tiered purpose with an immediate and long-range plan in mind. The main priority is to shift thinking and clear a space (mentally, physically, emotionally) to safely re-examine people, places and practices.

Sometimes it’s fun to live vicariously through other people. It’s part aspirational and part inspirational. We don’t need to know every aspect of another person’s life to key in on positive traits that provide a deeper meaning for ourselves. I think most folks are smart enough to separate fantasy from reality.

A purple unicorn shed a tear yesterday.

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African Women Remind Outsiders To Stop Hijacking Their Image

At least some African women are concerned enough about their interests that they’re actively protecting their image. One thing that always annoys me is how the continent is lumped together instead of discussing each country individually. Like “Black Women”.

There are well-documented problems mentioned often, but there are also numerous interested parties actively engaged in finding solutions. In the meantime, I don’t see online conversations where Nigerian, Ugandan, Liberian, etc. women are screaming they’re mostly ‘fat and happy’, or how moving onto non-African social circles equals white male worship or how colonialism (white racism) is the main source of their societal ills. We’ve only discussed this in about 300 posts because some of you are extremely hard-headed about justifying non-beneficial dogmas instead of setting higher standards.

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You Can Be A Suicide Bomber For Blackistan Or Serve Your Best Interests Like Other Women Do

We don’t need to rehash the particulars of the intense conversations many black women engaged in last week. Actually, the past 6-7 weeks have served as the defining moment when African-American (AA) women in particular made public declarations of how they view themselves and each other in such a derogatory way. After four years of advocacy calling for complete separation from dangerous people, places and practices there’s nothing new left to say.


Despite my desire for more women to choose a lifestyle and identity that benefits them, it is up to each individual woman. I will not be silent while those women who wrap themselves in self-martyrdom and sacrifice at the altar of black community dysfunction try to redefine the positioning for all of us.

They don’t speak for me and I don’t speak for them and that’s okay.

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If You Haven’t Jumped On Board The Michael Fassbender Express Hop On!

Yessir, I am crushin’ on Fassy! Arguably the hottest Irish export since Colin Farrell (and Liam Neeson before), Michael Fassbender is the actor of the moment.

I only recently connected the dots because I’ve been renting DVDs and he’s had roles in several movies I stumbled onto. From the retooled Jane Eyre to X-Men: First Class, I’ve noted how fun it is to watch a leading man who can really act.

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