SuperBowl Media Watch

While all eyes are focused on Brady vs. Manning or whether Madonna’s Half Time performance will suck be memorable, I’m thinking about last year’s derogatory Pepsi ad that reinforced the castrating and loud stereotype of black women amongst other less than savory ads. 

I don’t think it’s a matter of if there will be an offensive ad, but a matter of who is denigrated. IF NECESSARY WE MAY NEED TO RESPOND so, it’s better to be prepared than taken aback. This is where you come into play.

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When Bloggers Become Bunny Boilers

Does any of this look familiar? The pivotal scenes from Fatal Attraction where Alex threatens Dan and later on makes Rabbit Stew out of his daughter’s pet are memorable when watching from a distance. In a movie the heightened drama makes for an engaging plot. The real-life ramifications of dealing with an out of control interpersonal conflict are far more harrowing. Especially when it’s one-sided.

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