Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #14: Pop Quiz

This is a good time to review some of the lessons we’ve learned and how to continue putting new insights into action. At the very least, seeing behavior from its source in all it’s glory – and infamy – has been very useful.


People who need people. Our relationships fuel the quality and experiences of our lives. Why not have the best? I conceived of this series because the blog didn’t have one official category for discussing how men and women relate, and this is of course from the woman-supportive perspective. It was inadvertently called Vetting Men, but was too similar to another blog. Also, I know every woman isn’t focused on marriage, doesn’t date men and may not be single. We all need friends however and delving under the surface of unexamined feelings about men to root out negativity is important. Plus, since we’ve discussed the foul behavior of so many males I wanted to steer our focus towards building good relationships.

Some of the discussions across several blogs at the time of the original post were focused on defining “alpha males”. I shared a wonderful site written by an older gentlemen who tells women what they need to hear instead of what we think we know. Knowledge is power!

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“The Good Wife” Season Three Has Me Hoping I’ll Find Out It Was All A Bad Dream

Like Pam, I want to wake up to find Bobby in the shower so I can forget all about this ridiculous season. Only this isn’t “Dallas” and “The Good Wife” returns after its winter hiatus with another eleven or twelve episodes. Whether they will inspire cheers or jeers remains to be seen. So far the season ranks a C-.

I can now relate to other viewers who complained about Season Two. Except I liked Season Two, barring the character lobotomy they performed on Eli Gold to make him more personable when Alan Cumming was added to the cast full-time. I’m also still salty over destroying Kalinda’s character as a plot device but am hopeful for an adequate pay-off. The interplay between her and Eli in episode #2 The Death Zone was fun to watch. Whether it goes out with a bang or a whimper has yet to be revealed, but I’m detecting the stench of a good show gone stale.

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Where You At? A Reader Poll Just Aching For Your Two Cents!

I had to do it some time. While I’ve asked for a few tidbits here and there, this time it’s real. I want details people and I suspect that can only be had behind the peep wall. I’ve got quite a few goodies lined up and I NEED you!!! Lay it all out!!

As always, thank you to the graduating class of readers. We’ve got newbies to initiate so all of your participation is vital. Click on the link to the AOFB Reader Survey. It’ll be some of the most useful few minutes you spend today…….xoxo.

Preparing Yourself For Prosperity Plus In 2012 & Beyond

HAPPY 2012.

Consider every day a new baby day to nurture with the slate wiped clean. We may have the outward appearance of being together. Like with the assumption that every thin person is in superb health, our beliefs may hold inaccuracies. We may intellectually be able to identify our acumen, attractiveness or career trajectory and may even be aware of segments of our purpose.

We may be driving with an empty tank inside.

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