Get Inspired! Series #2: Madeleine Albright TED Talk

I promise every post won’t exclusively feature content from TED, but they do offer so many great presentations it’s hard to resist! The former Secretary Of State speaks on the importance of women having educational and economic opportunities for a sustainable society. Wait until you get to her closing statement about women supporting each other (ties in nicely with last Monday’s post)!

Questlove Of The Roots Finds Out He Can’t Get Away With His DBR Behavior

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy! Questlove must now get approval for every piece of music the House Band plays on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon after using a crude song introducing Michele Bachmann when she was a guest in November. She immediately demanded an apology from the network. He should be glad he still has his job! Leno never had this problem with Kevin Eubanks.

Thou Shall Not Denigrate White Women 

Write that 1,000 times on the black board, son! Despite the way this has been downplayed so Fallon can save face, this is big. Even if the woman in question is a dubious political hack, she will be protected. Even if they themselves are no friend to other women. Questlove forgot in a normal, functioning [albeit imperfect] society males can’t cannibalize women – especially those part of the dominant group. Yes, there’s violence and sexism, but we can find numerous examples of males who face negative consequences when they get to far out of pocket.

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Do I Have To Wait Until Next Halloween To Do This?

As seen on Pinterest, from Funpics. Who doesn’t love cute or kitschy things? It’s Cookie Monster cupcakes y’all. I appreciate the care placed by adding a rough surface texture to resemble the fur. Also, note the eye movements change. The crumbled cookies as the mouth completes the presentation. What a hoot! If I had small children or friends with kids I’d totally go all out. Or would adults appreciate the whimsical aspects of tapping into your inner child and have fun with this?

Your Right To Be Offended

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was on a DVD bender watching movies and before I could blink it was Monday. You know sometimes, life happens and I am sometimes compelled to change the contents and times of scheduled posts. Which is interesting in itself as I can’t seem to take a blogging vacation.  I actually appreciate knowing there are things I am consistent with as discipline in one area can lend itself to many. Anyway, I truly enjoy writing and sharing the dynamics and intricacies of life with you.

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