Angels & Virgins

You might have looked at that title and asked, “WhAat….?”. CHILL folks. I’m revisiting two previous post where I featured a musical ‘battle’ of songs titled “Angel” and some of my favorite Holiday Music. I’m very fond of Ave Maria which are actually sung prayers and considering Schubert, Bach and Caccini wrote compositions I’d say it holds meaning.

Don’t miss the Denyce Graves performance. Ring in the New Year with joy, reverence and a little deference. In gratitude. We’ve got a few Higher Power assists looking out and rooting for us.

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Inspirational Quotes Series: Langston Hughes

Hold onto dreams

For if dreams die

Life is like a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow

~~ Langston Hughes

As we move into another new year and (re)new(ed) you, let’s take this quote as seriously inspired chow for the soul.

This poem is intended to be hummed as a song would be, but without musical accompaniment. Langston Hughes was a key member of the Harlem Renaissance. This is a crucial part of African-American history that must not be forgotten. Some of you may be familiar with his That Powerful Drop from “Simple Takes A Wife”. Given how he spoke of his father’s disdain for blacks, I wonder about the irony at play with a piece that exemplifies the strength of race as a social construct and cultural tie.

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What We’ve Learned In 2011

This is the last three days in December (yipes) and I swear I could blink and it was a year ago and we were about the start 2011. Instead 2012 is but a mere breath away. Doesn’t it feel as if time is speeding up? It’s like Daylight Savings when the sun sets by 5pm and it’s still dark at 7am – unless you’re close to Greenwich Mean Time where it gets dark around 330pm! Anyway, the point is the days are shorter and you have to make the most of your time if you’re trying to do significant things.

These changes don’t have to come from a big splash of activity or a sense of foreboding from carrying heavy mental loads about how serious things are. Except if you’re in any type of physically tenuous situation [living in an unsafe neighborhood or health concerns], then take care of yourself! We can literally spend 15 minutes a day doing things unemotionally, by rote, with consistency and be able to look back months from now and notice the huge shifts in whatever direction we had pointed to.

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Because I Know Some Of You Have To Feed Your SweetTooth

OK, I’m no better than you. I saw this recipe for CHOCOLATE over at Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple blog and did the keyboard finger snap happy dance. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s CHOCOLATE people (everyone sing) and nuts and salted. It hits all of my sensory nodes: sweet, savory, salty, crunchy. Plus it’s less expensive than my hallowed Vosges Barcelona Bar – which is unmatched in deliciousness.

Well, Green & Black’s Organic Almond Bar is a close second…but before I get carried away on a cocoa cloud I want to remind you to check out the recommendation. It looks delicious and it’s healthy – also some worthy comments of where to find quality gluten free chocolate. Not a carob chip in sight!

I’m off to make a pot of beans and greens to be prepared to counterbalance any indulgences. That’s life, right? Enjoying yourself, but being awake and mindful without requiring ‘perfection’.


If you missed the post earlier, here’s my death by chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Further Thoughts On “The Poor Black Child” Forbes TomFoolery & The Lack Attitude Amongst Blacks

Part II.

We Don’t Lack Opportunity, We Lack Capacity

You may read Part I. of my rebuttal of the charge of racism against the Gene Marks article, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid” published by Forbes. As long as African-Americans look at external conditions as the root of their problems, they’ll never move past self-imposed limitations. People forget that some of our maneuvering through life has nothing to do with race (or gender), but is part of the human condition which builds character.

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The Key Missing Element For Black Achievement Is Getting Over Our Own Hatred For Each Other – Not What White People Think and Do

Part I.

A Counterbalance To The Assessment and Criticism From Forbes Article

I’m somewhat reluctantly going to respond to the Gene Marks’ diatribe, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid”, which has been lobbed back and forth on the Interwebs in a heavily contested debate about racism, paternalism and questions who really cares about what’s best for black children. I’d rather talk about traveling to warm locations and baking cookies, but given the sad state of accountability I have to respond. Any article that generates more than half a million PageViews in one week has obviously touched a nerve. Did Forbes fix the original title after reading LosAngelista’s critique where she mentioned it was grammatically incorrect?

Frankly, the article bores me because this topic has been discussed repeatedly, but no one wants to do anything to fix the problems it discusses. People have noted the symbols that identify lack of infrastructure, but fail to identify their true source. The vanguard CBC members can’t even get black voters to hold President Obama accountable for ignoring them.

Does anyone on the outside think a poorly-edited article from a guy with no skin the game, patting a few colored children on the head so a few whites who are still salty there’s a black President in office (for all the good it’s done for us) has any significance? The only people responding so vehemently aside from actual racists (and black male misogynists) are the ones whose inferiority complexes are showing: other blacks.

Why I am saying this? Continue after the jump to find out.

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How About A Little Holiday Sparkle?

And I’m not talking about the current teen girl’s fantasy vampire, Edward Cullen.

It’s already mid-December and the end of 2011 is fast approaching. I can’t believe it! Where did this year go? I’m not ready to cede the end quite yet, which is where celebrating the next 15 days comes into play. There are goodies to eat, parties to plan, gifts to exchange, trees to decorate and guilt-trips to roadblock! Let’s break out Kool & the Gang and c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e good times. Come on!

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Recipe Apps For Your Smartphone

I was browsing through sessions held at Le Web tech conference in Paris last week and came across You can download an app that creates a personalized shopping list unique to your preferences that’s tied to your local grocer. It’s too bad the beta testing is only in the UK and Finland right now. Hopefully some company is already developing this Stateside (I’d love to assist in its roll-out).

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