Harry Connick Jr. Glowingly Describes His 22-Year Marriage

I really enjoyed the following segment of his interview with Piers Morgan where he discussed his long-term marriage to Jill Goodacre. They make a striking pair for certain, but looks and thrills fade. I appreciated how he talked about choices – very diplomatically setting himself apart as having different influences.

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Focused Gratitude Has Never Been More Important

I wanted to expand and continue our discourse on perception. Our outlook has a huge impact on the quality of our lives.  Our need to be practical and realistic Рunder the guise of being prepared for the worst is a perfect example of our failure at trusting in a benevolent God. The universe is prepared to give. Are we ready to receive?

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Surrounding Yourself With Beauty & Light: Dance

I’m still nursing the flu – or should I say flushing any potential illness out by any means necessary! Between soup, tea, water, juice, gargling, hot baths and bundling in layers I’ve willed all toxins gone! In the meantime, my brain cells are focused on rest.

I wanted to share this nice video of dancers doing their thang. It is so amazing what we are capable of. The body is so beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!

Danse(s) from Sosh on Vimeo.