Can You Believe Nevermind Is 20? Me Either!

Boy, am I gonna age myself talking about this, but Nirvana held such a featured place in my teen to adult transition I’d be remiss in not discussing them. Much ink has already been dispensed analyzing the band’s impact, how well they got along, the influence of Courtney Love and how much the music industry has changed.

We’re not gonna rehash it here!

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Lessons Learned From 30 Days Of OM

I’ve finished my 30-Day OM Challenge refreshed and renewed but more aware than ever I have more work to do. The difference is that I will make a concerted effort to ask for direct spiritual protection, intervention and rescue! I need to be doing less, not more. Since I’m asking for help and prioritizing relaxation I will be more mindful of where I’m at so I can get to where I want to be.

I was also very fortunate to choose a great yoga studio – Flow Yoga on P Street NW right next to Whole Foods (with an emphasis on Jivamutki they also offer a lot of Vinyasa classes). Owned by a married couple, with the wife hailing from San Francisco I was greeted by name by the staff immediately upon enrolling and thereafter. For the locals you may also appreciate the sense of community they foster as evidenced by the steady supply of tea from Teaism amongst mood lighting, cool music in the waiting area and comfy seating.

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Rep. Maxine Waters Wants To Make Sure YOUR Words Are Heard

This is a special weekend post. When I saw the message Friday morning that Rep. Waters had a special announcement pending, I knew something was coming.**

I haven’t written a political post in a while. I’ve intentionally not commented on the Occupy initiative because those participating haven’t asked for anything yet. Empty venting without organization doesn’t yield lasting results. I also haven’t commented about the bill just passed by the House that’s been dubbed “Let Her Die” because Obama claims he will veto it. It still has to go before the Senate – and they should focus more on economic stabilization than regulating women’s bodies. Nothing like kicking women when the economy’s in the toilet, eh? We’ll see how this plays out.

As always, YOU have more influence than you think.

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Before You Become A Bunny Boiler Like Alex From Fatal Attraction Stop & Think!

I re-watched the iconic film Fatal Attraction about two months ago on a Sunday afternoon. I’m assuming many of you reading this post have also seen it. You may wish to revisit this work, because it was brilliant yet very flawed. It would have never been made in today’s Hollywood. It is far too raw, edgy and out there. It would’ve been sanitized into oblivion.

This movie has always bothered me, but I don’t think I fully grasped why until now. Yes, it treated a serious issue (infidelity and betrayal) with a circus sideshow sensationalism that really glossed over a husband’s apathy towards his own family. I understand he took an opportunity for “easy” sex with another woman. It was his contempt for his wife (and by extension all women) that was never examined. The would-be home-wrecker had to display such a depraved level of psychosis in order to absolve the jerk in the eyes of the audience. This is why the original ending was reshot and the wife allowed to dispense “justice” so people wouldn’t have to think too critically or expect accountability. 

Alex appears to be sexy, confident and in control. 

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