Inspirational Quotes: BB King

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

~ BB King

There are no apologies in blogging (unless you’re lying and scorching the earth). Still, I had a power outtage before I could schedule today’s post and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. I’m almost half-way through my 30-Day OM Challenge and this quote really speaks to me right now.

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On Becoming The Woman Who Gets That Guy (or Partner) Of Choice

Thanks to a reader for passing along this interview. It’s a little more than 20 minutes, so set aside some time to watch. I’m neither endorsing or rejecting the content, which discusses relationships [and business].

One key takeaway I picked up on is how we determine our priorities.  And the fact that we choose our priorities. Duh! Perhaps, but you know how easy it is to lose sight of that!

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More Mind & Body Connections

Sometimes we recognize a point on our life path even if it’s a first time passage. This is why I love reviewing previous posts. I’ve been steadily connecting ways to be more present. The mind, body, spirit journey has been an evolving one. Think of it as clearing away clutter to find value and meaning that was obscured.

When I asked Do You Start Off Your Day With Yesterday’s Dirt? in March 2010, I was only able to process that on an intellectual level, but can now begin to connect it with a higher life purpose overall. This is why it’s so important to be open and willing to stretch ourselves. Look at the benefits!

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Why Isn’t There An International Butter-Of-The-Month Club?

You’ve got your Wine Clubs, Fromageries-R-Us, Mocha Love and others, so why not butter?  If there is and I just haven’t heard of it, your company must write to me stat! I need samples and a reader giveaway, hehe.

One of the scenes from the 2009 movie, “Bride Wars” that made it more tolerable for what was a sexist, pedestrian and rather juvenile plot but the title alone elicited an eyeroll so it’s not as if I didn’t have an inkling the movie featured women who had the mindset of 12 year-olds was when Liv’s fiance found out she’d been gorging on cookies, truffles and butter. Yes, butter.

“Wait, the International Butter Club? You mean you sat around eating sticks of butter from all over the world?”

That line made the scene. I smiled and nodded because if Liv had been eating Isigny Butter with Coarse Rock Salt [via France] there’d be no question!

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Can You Believe It’s Almost 2012?

Happy Monday everyone and here’s hoping you enjoyed your weekend. Have a productive and relaxing week. I’m looking forward to watching the third season of the CBS drama, “The Good Wife” on the 25th (expect a review here next week). I’ve found one of the best custom blended teas available commercially. My hair has taken on a life of its own and looks really good if I do say so! I’m meeting new and interesting people. I won tickets to a musical (which will also be covered in a later blog post).  The Social Good Summit begins today in NYC. CBC weekend follows. There are so many cool things on the horizon I can barely contain myself!

Well, we’re in the home stretch for 2011. It’s 3rd quarter and December 31st will be here in half a blink at this rate. Now is the time to conduct a pre-New Year audit of yourself, your life and where you want to go.

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I Might Feel Like A Fool, But I Won’t Be One

What was my motivation for getting up before sunrise for a pilates class? Why to regale you with tales of my humiliation success of course!

You have a strong core. That’s why you’re here.”

So sayeth another instructor as I’m asking the class lead how long will it take or me to be able to hold my own. Three times a week for at least a month.


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My 30-Day OM Challenge

Sometimes conversations between strangers can be so enlightening. The layperson psychoanalysis I received in passing  is that I’m a fixer. Ha! It’s true. In trying to achieve it’s very easy to get bogged down. When we have goals in mind and lists, coupled with a sense of urgency,  it’s easy to lose sight of how far you’ve come when you’re thinking about how far you still have to go.

This is where an imbalance may occur. Or at least it has with me, so I’m on a mission to get my zen back.

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