Here’s Why You Should Ignore The Critics And Give “Colombiana” A Chance

It takes a lot to convince me to pay money at a cinema for a film when I know the DVD will be released in a few months. Some movies must be seen on the large screen to get the maximum enjoyment. While I do highly regard classic cinema, foreign-language films and the works of the masters, sometimes a simpler storyline satisfies my need to be entertained. The modern action film [or popcorn flick] fits the bill nicely.

I am not expecting a life-altering, transformative experience when I see a flashy, loud, often violent fight-to-survive movie. Combating corrupt rogue government agencies, paranormal adventures,  dodging aliens, avoiding a serial killer or besting kidnappers are not everyday occurrences. It’s the heightened display of emotions and distorted reality that draws us in to begin with.

I was perhaps mildly interested in seeing “Colombiana”, starring Zoe Saldana since the revenge aspect was being heavily promoted. The last thing I wanted to see was some convoluted story about a damaged woman. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice the disproportionate negative backlash against the movie. My skepticism meter went into overdrive considering all the other crappy releases that had barely registered a blip.  It convinced me to take a chance. You do realize you can ask for refunds at movie theaters?

Most importantly, how many movies do you see with a black woman — kicking butt?!!! I had to judge for myself. So should you! **I’m not going to discuss plot specifics so as to not spoil it.  

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Faith’s Triple Blanco Bean Soup

It’s time for another recipe! I’m moving across the meal spectrum from desserts, to salads and now to soups/stews. Blame it on My Life In France. In case you didn’t know, Julia Child was pretty kewl.

Most people don’t eat white beans on a regular basis, so serving three varieties in one dish is a treat. This is one of my favorite recipes – which calls for Cannellini, Great Northern and Navy because it’s so versatile.

I recommend making a huge vat where you can eat some upfront and freeze the rest in portions. Of course you must have a full-bodied or extra-dry white wine to complete the meal.

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Inspirational Quotes: Winston Churchill

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.

~Winston Churchill

I confess, I have thought Churchill and Alfred Hitchcock looked awfully similar (ha)! Basically he saved modern Western society at large during one of our darkest hours. Check out the Churchill Centre and Museum for details on his very extraordinary life!

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Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #12: Men In Love

When Men [and Women] Get It Right

I don’t need to expound with a long blog post. I’m just going to play some songs for you so you can listen and hear the perspective of men who’ve evolved into committed relationship mode. Yes, it does happen – often! When a woman meets and vets the right man, magic happens. When there is mutual respect and affection with a focus on building a life together then it’s all gravy!

Not that it’s conflict-free [that would be boring], but a beautiful coupling can take place that lifts spirits and makes hearts soar. Which is the way things are supposed to be!

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What You’ve Been Reading Lately – Posts Revisited

Hey All,

I’ve been doing some back-end housekeeping and have been rather amused by some of the posts that are still being viewed after their original publishing date. As a forum moderator I want to provide valuable content that speaks to the regular readers while still expanding to accommodate new visitors.

If you’ve noticed a shift away from certain topics [mostly related to triage and strategies for black women] it’s because I want to meet the needs of the readership at large [as AOFB began as a political/slice of life forum] and entice some of you lurkers to leave a comment or two. At some point we have to move on to evolve. I have consistently supported the equitable elevation of women in society, but never as an extremist measure.

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When We Know More We Do More, So Let’s Raise Our Level Of Expectation

I want us to have particular conversations at this forum with a goal in mind. The only way women can strategize for their achievement and success is to first feel good about themselves. I want to remind you who you spend time with [be it media, people or unexamined ideologies] does have an impact.

Being given a great foundation through stable family ties certainly helps, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. I’ve come to believe we will have many moments to create opportunities for ourselves if we have the drive to do so. A person could have been born into every privilege, but die young. Or someone whom others have written off can turn their lives around completely.

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Inspirational Quotes: Carrie Wilkerson

Your only limitation is how much action you are willing to take.”

Carrie Wilkerson is a business development professional, wife and mother. I began following her on Twitter in 2008 after researching women in business who were actively engaged in social networking. I admire women who are able to prioritize family and still engage professionally. I know it’s not easy.

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Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #11: Don’t Get Labeled A Whore

Some things just need to be said. Plainly. Emphatically. We’re adults or at least mature enough to participate in an adult conversation. Discretion is advised of course. Since my essays Evaluating Men #10 and Hipster Misogynists are still being shared amongst the ahem bottom-feeding patriarchy losers who spend more time focused on women-bashing than winning, all I have to say is cue the Daria theme.

Or would Jill Scott’s Hate On Me be more up your alley? My mind is FREE!!!

Psst…the whole purpose of vetting people for relations [personally or professionally] is to spot those who offer little value and get far away…quickly. Yet, some people still don’t read for comprehension!

Either way, exploring all aspects of empowerment for women be it internal perspectives or external opposition must be weighed, measured, supported or discarded. This forum will never lose focus on women and girls creating successful strategies for a 360 Degree Life Design.

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A Must Listen To Message On Religious Tolerance By Rev. Dr. Brad Braxton

I had the pleasure of hearing a guest sermon last week on religious tolerance given by Brad Braxton visiting the Foundry United Methodist Church in DC.

I’m not one for pushing religious dogma and this fit right in with an informed and nuanced message that also touched on current social issues. I’m hands off with pushing certain tenets, but encourage progressive and thoughtful conversations for people to decide for themselves what provides value.

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