Gosh – this song still rocks! David Bowie’s Modern Love.

This 80’s classic is a song about being confident about love. Yes, despite the protagonist’s declaration of not “believing” in it, he still yields to Modern Love. I wonder if it’s biographical because that song was released before David Bowie met and married Iman.

So even the most cynical of us, who may allow fear to taint our perspective when presented with a choice will take a chance at fulfilling their heart’s desires.

Our desires are just as much a part of us as our skin tone or eye color. The ones that are attuned to our spirit are meant to be fulfilled. Otherwise we wouldn’t be innately drawn to them. We can block our own blessings by ignoring the path laid out before us in exploring what those desires are and how to achieve them.

That’s why the conversations centered at this forum are about maximizing the quality of your life in all areas. It’s a 360 degree LIFE(SYTLE)/DESIGN.

If you’re hiding out in “chuuch” not getting your “Love Boat” in order, YOU are causing those desires to remain unfulfilled. Your indecision is the block getting in the way of living with vitality. If you think you can behave indiscreetly or indiscriminately and not pay a price for it, you’re not being realistic.

We have to measure the pros and cons of everything we do.

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I Don’t Know What I Want To Say About The Death Of Amy Winehouse

Tragic. Pathetic. Unnecessary. Inevitable. More or less all I can do is sigh. We can have the conversation about substance abusers, destructive behavioral patterns and long-term consequences from internal damage. So why am I writing about Amy Winehouse dying at the age of 27?

I’m not exactly sure, but somewhere lies not just a typical cautionary tale. We got the Just Say No memo. Amy was a talent, but so are many people. She joins the 27 Club of dead musicians like Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. Nor am I fond of the aspects of cultural appropriation of African-American music traditions or being lauded for using them as a signature sound. When it comes to fame, some things can’t be controlled.

She was a great songwriter, whose lyrics touched me. She had a distinctive way of chronicling the experiences of younger women in a way that isn’t expressed in pop culture today. If you noticed the destructive messiness she fully displayed only emphasized how far off the mark she fell. She wasn’t a guy writing for a female artist — she was a woman speaking intelligibly to other women about us.

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Camping + Glamour = Glamping!

As a die-hard City Dweller, I have not been too keen on ‘roughing it’ in the wilderness. I do appreciate having survivalist skills, being able to correctly identify trees and plants, growing food, fishing and handling oneself in a practical matter.

Since I find the need to balance comfort with accessibility, the Glamping initiative holds much appeal. There are no words to describe the beauty and peacefulness of looking at the stars unfettered by artificial light sources and being close to water [like at Mt. Shasta Resort].

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Savory & Sweet Summer Salad Ideas

Can you believe we’re heading into the 3rd week of July already? I don’t know about you, but if you’re in a warm climate all I can think about is staying cool and hydrated.

I don’t want to cook but I still want substantive, nutritious meals. I need watermelon, popsicles, sparkling water with lemon wedges, a crisp extra Brut white wine, some good cheese and ice-blended coffee-based drinks. Oh yeah, roasted red pepper hummus and veggie sticks make for great lower calorie snacks as well.

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Is A Law That Allows Women To Run Background Checks On Men Fair?

There’s a potential law pending in the UK that if passed would allow women to vet potential dates with criminal background checks. Dubbed Clare’s Law, it is named after Clare Wood who was murdered by a man she via Facebook in 2009.

via Sky News

The proposal comes amid concerns that women are increasingly meeting men via the internet and have little or no knowledge of their pasts.

Our priority should not be protecting a perpetrator’s privacy at the expense of costing a woman’s life.

Louise Casey, Victims Commissioner

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Blog-A-Versary Time Again With Much Gratitude

Howdy AOFB readers! We’re going into year FOUR. I for one am surprised and amazed by this journey across the Interwebs. Thank you to all of those who’ve contributed something of value here. The wonderful examples of absolutely fierce women and men who have offered such astute advice helped us raise the bar.

I’ve been duly tested by combatants and compromisers alike. They didn’t intend to be helpful of course, but the situation certainly ensured I had to be principled and focused. My integrity was forged from being challenged.

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Major Screw-up or False Advertising? Why Target’s Failure To Fix An Incorrect Computer Ad Should Concern You.

The question inquiring minds want to know is did they know and if so when? If not, then how could they miss it?

I was advising a friend who wanted to purchase a computer. She opted for a netbook due to its size and functionality. Since she wanted one immediately, we needed to determine if we would be able to find one locally or have to order it online. After a quick search, I found Target sells a variety of electronics.

I went over the features with “A” very carefully after we discussed the intended use and her overall needs. As I was comparing models, I noticed how the technology had improved the capabilities of netbooks across the board as well as lowering the overall price even further  compared to 2010. We selected the AOD257-13685.

Target ad —

When I spotted that listing I did a double-take. It touted not only a dual-core processor [which means the user can run numerous programs simultaneously without slowing the computer], but 2 gb of memory for less than $250. Finding a netbook with 2gb memory preloaded out the box at that price point is not likely. Dual-core wasn’t available for machines this small.  It didn’t even appear in a Mac before mid-2006! It was akin to spotting a unicorn.

The pace of technology does lead to improved functionality, while the market commands lower pricing tiers. Consumers want to be assured they are getting the most bang for their bucks these days. As an example, my netbook purchased in 2010 had just been manufactured and came with a $329 price tag. It was a great deal at the time. As the demand and push for such items continue to grow, the prices will continue to decrease.

I recommended the purchase enthusiastically. After checking Target’s site for availability at local stores, we headed out to buy it. Or so we hoped…

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