Faith’s Choco Bliss Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’m starting another new segment on food! Since there’s a holiday coming up and I’m sure many of you will be attending cook-outs, I thought I’d share one my favorite recipes for — dessert of course! We can enjoy everything in moderation or put in extra exercise time when we indulge. Life is meant to be enjoyed after all!

I made these cookies for the local firefighters when visiting a friend about two years ago and they were a hit then. They travel well and remain moist. You can also freeze either the dough or the cookies and they taste even better the day after. I like to pair them with an Orange Muscat from the Santa Barbara region. A slightly salty, creamy goat’s milk cheese like something from Vermont Creamery is also a nice contrasting accompaniment. Enjoy!

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The Thing You Deniers & Enablers Fail To Understand Is That DBR Black Males Cannot Restrain Their Damaged Behavior

I had to write about another recent incident related to the dissemination of hateful messaging if only to contrast how certain poisons are tolerated and excused while others are not. I’d been waiting to find out whether the idiot in question had been fired, but it seems he’s been sent on a humiliation tour for the time being while his fate is being decided.

This is going to be one of the last times I’m going to focus on these types of individuals as I’ve already covered their behavior extensively. I do see merit in reiterating how lowered standards across the board are far more damaging to society and the collective than people may initially realize. It’s something to observe and take note of.

Just A Friendly Suggestion To White ‘Liberals’: It’s Time To Drop “Down-Trodden Black Male” From Your Vocabulary

I was out enjoying the weather on a balmy Saturday evening when I noticed Don Lemon on CNN with what looked like a breaking story of importance. The cafe I was in had a large flatscreen but the volume was turned off. I stopped for a minute to find out what was going on wondering, “What now?”.

Was it another tornado, another bid Laden, another missing child or were they announcing the Rapture had begun?


It was some idiot black male comedian in hot water for gay bashing.

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Note To Hipster Misogynists: Time To Put Your Big Girl Panties On!

Regular readers of this forum know I do not pull any punches calling out racism, sexism and self-culpability in order for women and girls to make sound choices for better living. While I have focused on what I’d term triage/emergency room life-sustaining measures related to black women, I have always been an advocate for ALL WOMEN of every orientation, race, ethnicity and identity.

My post A Male Chauvinist Pig By Any Other Name Still Oinks! as part of the Evaluating Men For Alliances and Marriage series is just one part of that overall initiative. Women need knowledge – both external dealing with current social trends and internal to affirm what their values are and how to navigate their way through life successfully.

Perhaps I should have titled it How Pigs SQUEAL instead.

Since much of my focus has been on the long-term ramifications of the demise of the black community and the way black males have mistreated black women as a collective, I think some people forget there are individuals who are both helpful and harmful to women based on their behavior and standards.

Just as I know black males who are decent and upstanding, I can also evaluate the poor treatment of black and non-black women alike by white males and non-white males who are not black. Are you still following me?

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Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #10: A Male Chauvinist Pig By Any Other Name Still Oinks!

There’s Nothing Casual About Casual Sex

True story. When I was in my early twenties I ran into a former HS classmate. We went on a few dates and while I appreciated his attention, I’d only allow him a kiss at the door. I wasn’t “sold” on him. That previous shared experience lent a false sense of familiarity where loose ties existed.

He wanted to speed up the pace for our intimacy so he told me he wanted to be my boyfriend.. My first thoughts were, “Why does he want to jump into this so soon? We barely know each other.” I talked myself out of what was a practical response and took him at his word. Because why would a guy lie to a woman? While my own hormones were jumping, my head put up a lot of speed bumps that derailed his express ticket to Loverville.

I was clueless at recognizing his interest had already waned when he figured out there wasn’t going to be any nooky. I got the message after not hearing from him for nearly two weeks – which was slightly more than the total amount of time we had previously spent together. I went from being a confident young woman who felt fully in charge of herself and liked the possibilities with a potential guy to a sullen, insecure woman who began doubting herself. All because I’d believed what he’d said and let it change my expectations.

I had been dumped. Rudely and unceremoniously, but I wanted him to own up to it. He told me, “I thought you knew we broke up.” Er, when would I have known that? Oh, he didn’t want things to get “awkward”, so he just decided to avoid dump and run. I wished I could have run him over a few times with a truck. I thought I was sharing my hopes and dreams with a man who cared, not an immature &*^%$.

He screened himself right on out the door, but it was still a painful example of the ways men coerce or encourage women to work against their best interests in relationships. I don’t understand how another person could treat someone so poorly. Live and learn!

  • Dangling the carrot of couple-dom aka “connecting intimately” is the new modern warfare between the sexes.

Women need to understand the true nature of men and act accordingly in protecting themselves.

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A Music Rant: Why Is Hip-Hop Being Remodeled As Euro-Trance Circa 1995?

I suppose this is more of an observation, than rant. It still signifies how far the music industry has fallen. Why does everything all of a sudden sound like Fragma Toca’s Miracle (which was a remix/mashup-combo of two songs in and of itself) and Faithless Insomnia (or We Come One) circa late 1990’s early 2000.

Toca’s Miracle


This song was copied so many times stylistically, the original almost got lost in the onslaught of copycats.

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Inspirational Quotes: Dan Coppersmith

I thought I was only going to use women exclusively for this series, but I understand the power of using ALL valuable and beneficial resources no matter there origin.  Mr. Coppersmith is an inspirational artist. His website  Spiritwire has his poems and videos that encourage and uplift you. Go check it out! Here’s an excerpt from Hello World!

I am amazing
Incredible me
Celebrating the being
I choose to be
I’m uniquely spectacular
I am one of a kind
Creativity oozes
From my heart and mind
I’m stupendous, tremendous
I stand out from the crowd
I do things
That aren’t allowed
I’m inspired, desired
I am wonderfully weird


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It’s Here! Your AOFB BWE Primer.

I know many of you have asked for BWE 101-type assistance. Since there are also tons of new readers every week being added to the fold, I thought creating an overview guide would best suit your needs.

I, of course am still preparing the full column posts with intros and updated information culled from the blog. Those books are coming as well. Since I have a diverse reading audience I have a separate book based on a particular blog post about Cinderella and feminism. I’ll be staggering the BWE-related materials with those suited for a wider audience. More on that to come.

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Inspirational Quotes: Des’ree

Yes, I’m going to quote the lyrics from a song written and recorded by British singer-songwriter Des’ree. Her message of uplift and empowerment is just as potent and encouraging as when the song was released more than a decade ago! Here’s one of my all-time favorite “Girl Power” anthems: You Gotta Be.

You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
You gotta stay together
All I know, all I know, love will save the day

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AOFB Mid-Year Review

It’s already June! I was going to write a quarterly review in April. 30 posts later, I guess I missed the boat! Busy. Busy. Busy.

This was going to be a more extensive post….but I realized some of the things I wanted to talk about: namely weight and self-esteem and being realistic deserves its own separate post. Then, I realized I have already discussed many of these points before, so this might be yet another angle to an ongoing conversation…or beating a dead horse.

I suppose the lurkers who de-cloak from the Romulan Bird-Of-Prey to comment will decide if it’s protest-worthy.

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Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #9: The Adventures Of Man-Children

Oh boy! Here’s to hoping most of you ladies identify and quickly discard the enfante terribles, but I’m still not decided on whether they are deeply harmful or a part of the dating foibles women may run into. I suppose it depends on how deeply you get caught up.

Your successful navigation away from grown males with grammar school mentalities does come from standard checklists and time, but often we are in the middle of exercising all of our freedoms as modern women and may not realize we’re in a version of Never Never Land until it’s too late.

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