Who’s Getting It Right #3 Paula Patton: Ethnic Pride, Marrying Well & Finding Love At A Young Age

We spend so much time at this forum discussing strategies for self-improvement, the damage to the collective and identifying the Flat Earth Theorists and other enemies I wanted to make sure we also look at key real-life examples of black women who are living ahead of the curve and their choices that lead them there.

Marrying at a more mature age has advantages as well, but the ability for a black women to work through indoctrination, procrastination and confusion as quickly as possible will vastly improve her life, especially when there are children involved.

Paula Patton is an actress married to singer Robin Thicke. They have one child together so far. We’ll let the role in that dreck Precious go because she’s going to be starring opposite Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible film.

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The Root = Essence = BET= Tyler Perry = Death To Black Women

Yes, it is that serious!

It’s 2011 and we don’t have any more time for beating around the bush. So let’s continue to state the obvious. Some of you are still supporting your defamers and denigrators. Any entity framed around the diseased thinking of the DBR black male is of no use to black women. If you are genuinely in support of black women living the most fulfilling lives then you have to walk the talk. Oh, but some of this defamation doesn’t impact you directly – or so you may think.

I want to piggyback off of Halima’s post where she asks this very question. We know that Satan’s Entertainment Network (BET) is just as deadly as the cable “news” shows who employ unrepentant racists and misogynists as their lead correspondents and contributors. They whip up easily swayed people into a frenzy, polarize the way people interact and watch as a few “loose cannons” enact their ultimate agenda, washing their hands of the entire orchestration as if it occurred in a vacuum.

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My Favorite New Blog For 2011 #2 Tennessee Guerilla Women

Thanks to a link from the BlogHer network I found Tennessee Guerilla Women and what a breath of fresh air.

Yes, there are lots of political blogs and women-centered ones at that, but they’re cool.

I can tell they’re young, innovative and hungry to extol a perspective. One that is much more inclusive than most “feminist” oriented sites. I don’t actually know if they refer to themselves as such but I’m certain many women readers would.

Keep up the great work!



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Carol Moseley Braun In Real Life Election Mirrors Wendy Scott-Carr’s Television Race

Yes, this is another mention of the CBS drama, “The Good Wife“. Really CBS and King Size Productions should be paying me to promote their show across social media platforms. That’s not why I’m doing this, however. We have a prime time hit show with a secondary plot that uplifts black women and presents us as intelligent, feminine and shrewd. We need to be supporting the show so TPTB will continue sharing more stories like this across several shows. If only to counterbalance the reality show/gossip blog dregs of negativity and foolishness that so many find realistic and entertaining even as it justifies other people’s stereotyping/scapegoating of blacks.

Black women have a real life vs. reel life lesson being played out that should not be missed – or dismissed. Since the show and the elections are based in Chicago in 2011 what are the odds we’d have this example to ponder? The show’s writers and the orchestrators of the real Chicago election have little in common I’m sure, but the timing and subplot is certainly interesting given what’s going on right now.

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Interceptions: The Real-Life Story Behind “The Game”

It’s not a pretty tale either. A few years ago I’d read about an author who had successfully sued  The CW, Warner Brothers and CBS for stealing her story idea. Staci Robinson had written a television script loosely based on her life about a UCLA student dating a young man who’d be drafted into the NFL and their subsequent break-up.

Robinson’s script was rejected but about a year or so later when the sitcom The Game premiered she saw all the key components of her submission being used and took them to court. for copyright infringement. The fact that she a) won her case b) didn’t have to sign a gag order c) went on to publish her book was nothing short of a miracle. It reminds me of Sophia Stewart’s unsuccessful attempt when suing Warner Brothers at not receiving credit and compensation for The Matrix/Terminator story. Stewart being discredited does not mean she did not in fact create it.

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The End Of The Sony Walkman & Other Things I Miss From the 1980-90’s

If you hadn’t heard Sony Corporation has chucked the Walkman.

And the world emits a sorrowful cry…

Liz’s post on 13 Things She Misses From the 80’s got me thinking about a few things myself. I agreed with her on pretty much everything she listed, esp. the music and fashion items. Candy bars were only 25 cents though! Does anyone remember the Reggie bar?

Here’s my take (on a mix of ’80’s and early 90’s things that impacted me) after the jump —

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Who’s Getting It Right #2: Janet Jackson Chooses Wisely

Picking up from my post about women deploying common sense where men are concerned, let me also state emphatically that any woman who wants a man who’s considered good-looking across the spectrum of society should be able to have that. Relationships are not guaranteed. While it may be true it would be foolish to not consider all viable men, even one who was moderately attractive to mate with, since he can also mess up it would be a shame for a woman who chose such a man thinking the odds of a stable relationship would increase and have it not work out. IF we’re going to consider all scenarios then let’s seriously consider ALL scenarios.

This may seem like a contradiction of sorts but we must continually evaluate our choices and weigh our best options. Since nothing is set in stone I’d prefer to simultaneously discuss strategies for the collective of black women who want to expand their options while considering the needs of individual women. As always it’s your life so take all of this in the spirit of debate and make decisions that will work best for you.

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How Minimalism and A Return To Simplicity May Help You Focus On What Really Matters

There’s no coincidence that out of all the cities I’ve lived in that San Francisco was the longest. Yes, the city can get chilly but with an average year round temperature of 65 degrees it’s very manageable. Yes, the hills can be so steep (go stand on Broadway and Fillmore near the house where Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed) and you will experience something akin to vertigo.

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge only takes an hour or so. Northern California is breathtakingly beautiful with a mix of topography that will take you to the warm beaches off Tiburon to the chilly climes of Lake Tahoe. From the famous redwoods to wine country every possible combination of nature and sensory indulgence can be explored. Plus, the food is sublime with the mix of Latino and Asian influences present.

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Let’s Remember To Use A Little Common Sense Where Men Are Concerned, Okay?

Common Sense Doesn’t Mean Compromise

As we continue to expand our minds about what is doable and who we can do it with (pun intended) let’s not forget the conversations we may be having require subtly, nuance and as always are best applied by an individual what will and won’t work best for them in the long run.

Since we’re focusing these evaluations on black women and in particular AA women we have to weigh the collective behavior of the majority, take into account an increasing minority who are doing the polar opposite and find a balance in between. BWE messaging has always encouraged ALL black women to be their best, live their best lives and seek out the most viable mate (exercising their right to marry where applicable), if only for the sake of their children should they also be(come) mothers.

Last October Khadija, blog host of Sojourner’s Passport wrote this essay about encouraging black girls to marry the world’s most dominant men. Nowhere was it suggested that a majority of black women should limit themselves to an “alpha male”. I mention this post as other bloggers have certainly read it and had their own discussions about “alpha males”. Some of whom are NOT BWE bloggers and explicitly state so. It was one of the reasons why I felt compelled to publicly mention that not all BW who circle BWE blogs and messaging are BWE bloggers or are fully encouraging BW to consider every option available to them.

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Elphaba Was A Freedom Fighter Before She Succombed To The Dark Side

As a classically-trained singer my first love has been musicals versus opera if only because they are the modern-day equivalents to classical music. Yet, I was fortunate to grow up at a time when Jessye Norman, Leotyne Price and other African-American contemporary opera singers had achieved prominence. I’d also love to see a revival of No Strings and Marie Christine. Of my Top Five faves (which includes Les Miserables, Oklahoma, Godspell and Rent) Wicked vies for the first one that comes to mind.

Based on the Wizard Of Oz story and adopted from the McGuire book, the plot covers the relationship between the two witches Elphaba and Galinda. I’m revisiting it because during one of my late night/early morning epiphanies I realized there was an empowerment message interlaced throughout.

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