How To Break-Free From the Indoctrination Mindset In 3 Easy Steps**

First of all realize that it’s not going to be easy**

As in anything worth having doesn’t fall from the sky and for those women that want to live their best lives when they were not handed tools of discernment and generational wealth or connections your efforts will need to be applied. In other words unless you’ve specifically taken the red pill and left the black indoctrination Matrix you are likely still there.


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Let’s Help The “Sista” Out For A Change!

Update: By official proclamation we here at Acts of Faith In Love & Life will hereby be taking a more forward-thinking stance when my sistas are prominently and positively featured across various media. I urge every black woman to do so and follow up by writing directly to the powers that be.

We MUST communicate with ample enthusiasm our desire to not only see our images being displayed well but extend our loyal support to those for doing so! Here’s the response reader Khadija got after writing to Elle magazine thanking them after I asked why hadn’t there been more black women paying attention to the Kerry Washington November Elle cover.

She reports:

They sent me a gift package of: a tote bag, a bound journal with the “Elle” inscription, and a copy of the magazine. Well, that’s allright!

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How’s That Election Thing Working Out For Ya?!

Update:  For the New York Governor’s race Andrew Cuomo won but as the son of a former and often popular Governor how difficult was that? Well…the Tea Party/Republican Carl Paladino got 35% of the vote by directly stating racist/sexist rhetoric and if you were to go around numerous Upstate New York towns/cities and specific neighborhoods you’d see lots of big signs for that type of constituency that he appealed to:  less educated, working class, ethnic whites. Of course the choice between two candidates who share the same ethnicity might be a case study in class warfare but it also ensures their group’s needs will be met regardless. Sometimes “opponents” are actually working inc concert with each other to create further gains for their group. And that’s how those groups THRIVE!

The CA Guv race sees career politician  Jerry Brown as the winner while Senator Barbara Boxer keeps her Senate seat.  One of the odd dichotomies with California is how people falsely assume it’s a liberal state especially when Republican candidates usually win for Governor. Brown has held practically every elected office in the state (Attorney General, Mayor, etc) so we’ll see what happens after the debacle the downstate voters caused when they voted for Ah-nuld. One politician I’ve personally had a keen interest in Kamala Harris has won her race for Attorney General as the outgoing DA for San Francisco I watched her implement a policy that tried to offer corrective programs to reduce crime without automatic incarceration to certain populations. The jury is still in deliberation whether she’s another Cross-over Negro politician or will be an effective leader in a state with less than 6% black population to begin with – but representation is dwindling in areas that count and we need more black women candidates for certain.  San Francisco was unique in that there was a woman-helmed Fire Department, Police Department and District Attorney’s office all at the same time.

The main concern now is that the Republicans now control the House. of Representatives. That’s where all the MONEY is people.

This is going to be a really bumpy ride folks. If the Democrats couldn’t move past the Republican united stonewall when they had control of the House, Senate and White House what makes anyone think the Obama administration is going to get anything done now?


I will probably come back to update my observations about specific races  – California and New York Gubernatorial results come to mind, along with the Senate seats up in the air.

I’m also very curious about what the black voter turnout will look like? Sometimes the best thing to do is stay home and not vote.  Heresy I know!

The question for black women is:

  • Where are you now in comparison to the last election? The last administration?
  • As the largest percentage voting block for Obama (65%) do you see tangible evidence of a return on your investment?
  • Why did Obama not even bother to nominate a black woman (such as the more than qualified Kimberle Crenshaw) to the Supreme Court?  Check my archives I was howling about this more than a year ago!
  • How have BW positioned themselves to benefit from this administration SPECIFICALLY not as a by-product (i.e Trickle-Down Theory). WE KNOW HOW INEFFECTIVE THAT WAS!

Don’t Support The Hustlers Who Rob Black Women Of Their Dignity: Just Say NO to Tyler Perry!

I know many of you will have to fight the urge to “see themselves represented” on screen but before you plunk down your hard-earned money to see the latest Tyler Perry minstrel show on Friday I’d like to remind you of a few things:

  • Black people are operating under mass dysfunction, lies and utterly insane notions of what passes for “black” and “black culture” these days.
  • Tyler Perry bulldozed his way onto this project by pushing out a BLACK WOMAN WRITER/DIRECTOR.

Furthermore, Perry doesn’t even like black women! We are simply his cash-cows and as long as we support his projects he can use our money to further denigrate us!

The collective silence and true lack of sisterhood between black women helped facilitate Ntozake Shange’s mental anguish when she originally published For Colored Girls. We could also include Pearl Cleage’s Mad At Miles, Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston and any number of AA women creatives who told it like it is and have warned us time and time again.


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