Some Of These Singers Need To Take Their Cue From Mary J. Blige

Now, I don’t know Mary J. Blige nor am I endorsing the singer for sainthood, but I have noted that when she publicly declared a moratorium on displaying her inner demons in public and followed that up with the song, “No More Drama” she meant it.

Clearly the woman has done some inner work at sorting out her chaotic childhood and cleaned up her behavior because there was a time when she had a reputation for being problematic. While she has always been a very popular recording artist she clearly wasn’t always a happy person. I won’t recap her background but suffice it to say it includes much of the non-beneficial behavior that we’ve discussed at this and the BWE forums.

What I’ve found very interesting and increasingly more encouraging is how she’s branched out musically, working with a wider variety of artists like Elton John and U2, how she went on a specific fitness and styling regime which had a noticeable impact on her appearance and softened her image and her specific advocacy work on behalf of women and girls.

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