Secrets Of An Income Generating Guru

Having been inspired by the Sojourner Passport posts where blog host Khadija features web sites to help us monetize our blogs or create passive income, I’ve done a little research of my own to add two sites to that list.

As I’m writing this post I have HGTV design show on in the background where one of the co-creator’s of the television show Glee is having his home styled. Having lived in Los Angeles I’m drooling over the neighborhood where he purchased his home: Beachwood Canyon. It’s a slightly hilly area that full of quaint bungalows and still has a neighborhood feel in central Hollywood. One of my favorite coffee bars in the vicinity is Bourgeois Pig, an eclectic bohemian hang out.

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You Snooze You Lose

A blogger who failed to plan for future contingencies falsely claimed I “stole” a domain name she wanted (that I don’t own) and in what I can only describe as a fool’s quest decided to try to publicly shame me by whining about it on a social networking site (and at her blog I assume). I don’t respond favorably to such manipulations but realized this is a teachable moment for the larger issue of the continued elevation of black women. I usually don’t read her blog or converse with her so I was more than a little perplexed why she presumed to determine that I took something from her. She wanted to own a specific domain name based on a blog post she’d written from what I’ve gathered. I also converse with another person who uses an online moniker that could be considered a variation of the phrase she’s claimed as her sole idea so where does it end? The domain name I did buy is also a variation of the phrase but you know how it is when facts get in the way of common sense and decorum. Winning an argument becomes more important than being humble enough to learn a lesson. I didn’t pay the fee to make it a private purchase because I frankly had no idea someone would go off on a public rant nearly eight months after the fact claiming something was taken from them as if it happened yesterday. Doesn’t it suck when you realize you’ve been left behind after the fact? Yet the blame lies squarely with you  and no one else. From what I’ve gathered all of the variations of the domain name she wants have been purchased but those sales were made private (for an additional fee) so she can’t rage against them. Continue reading “You Snooze You Lose”

Reinventing Yourself With Yahoo Shine

I just looked at the video of the interview I did during BlogHer 2010 with Yahoo! Ok, so the perfectionist in me wishes I had a wardrobe stylist but I liked what I said. At least the stargazer lily in my hair looked and smelled great. Thanks to author Carleen Brice for suggesting I wear it! By the way the conference was great for many reasons  – but especially due to getting the chance to meet women whose work on behalf of advocacy of other women I greatly admire.

When we work at reevaluating and renegotiating ideologies and boundaries I’m not sure if we’re reinventing so much as coming into our own. What do you think?  There’s a phalanx of interviews from attendees at the Yahoo! Shine “You.Reinvented” Page:

Check it out and hopefully be inspired!

Shirley Sherrod Falls On Sword For NAACP Reinforcing The Self-Sacrifice Indoctrination For Black Women

 — The most important choice you can make is what you choose to make important.

There may be some dissent  to this conversation but there also needs to be some serious discusson about the direction the current generations of black women will take their lives and the legacy for the future. If we evaluate the status of the collective since the 1960’s we will find growth for a group of individuals but a stunning collapse for an increasing majority. Avoiding the present set of circumstances and misplacing blame does not serve the interest of black people (in particular African-Americans) who should be firmly established by now and continually moving forward.   Being reactionary to certain open opposition does not address the foundational cracks from within and is not the core problem. Fighting white hegemony will not ever elevate the status of blacks in this country when they are wholly divided. 

Black women who continue to follow the old models are less likely to thrive at the levels other women whose communities are supportive.  Or as blog host Halima of  Black Women’s Interracial Relationship Circle  stated in her post, “What Would Self Do” :

“The truth that has been shielded from black women to keep them working like a mule, is that when black women thrive as individuals, the so called community would thrive automatically, it wouldn’t need to be something you have to plot and plan for. Think about that for a second and think about the fact that even ancient tribes understood this basic principle!”

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SXSW Panel, Blog Anniversary & Support

So I’ve missed my blog-a-versary by a month but better late than never! Two years and counting  running this online forum  has gone by in a blink. The past year has been at times challenging, enlightening and invigorating both personally and professionally.

Your continued support is appreciated.

It’s that time of the year for SXSW panel ideas to be submitted for a popular vote by the August 27th deadline. It eventually goes before a committee before being selected but I still think it beneficial to participate. This year’s submission is titled, “What  Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Engagement” 

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My New Favorite Networks: Brazen Careerist & Empire Avenue

I’m back from my mini-break. Sometimes we all need a break and I realized that when I couldn’t bring myself to do more than comment at a few blogs and extend myself past 140 characters using Twitter. I also have some personal needs to address and was exhausted (in a good way) after attending BlogHer ’10. More on that to follow. I have been behind the scenes making new online friends, increasing my networking, checking out the initiatives of women making empowering choices and conducting research.

Which brings me to these networks:

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