Pushback From The Partially Aware But Still Indoctrinated Black Woman

She has heard the message of empowerment and despite choosing to ignore the bulk of it, enough has seeped in that she can no longer pretend. Despite her best efforts at carrying the load she now notices the massive amount of excess weight on her shoulders. Even as she continues to beat the drum of the black male/save the community mantra she’s growing increasingly frustrated for her self-limiting choices. She just won’t admit it. This is why it becomes futile to try to free a mind past a certain point. Yes, I took that from the Matrix. The movie touched on universal themes of how people are being controlled and the struggles of those who want to break out of the pod and the fake world for REALITY.

This may be a bit of a venting moment for me because I allowed myself to be drawn into a useless conversation with one such woman. To be clear I do not subscribe to any delusions of grandeur. I’m not waving a wand or adjusting my tiara from a lofty perch. I, too have had to put in hours of internal evaluation while uncovering painful truths. I’ve also freed myself from concepts that would continue to diminish my life. My journey as with life is a continuing one. If I had my wish I would have figured these paradigms out ten years ago – heck even five – because I told myself I had all the time in the world to do so under the assumption it would be quick. My life would be completely different now if I had. The show must go on though and I can still take comfort in knowing I’m in a better place and will act accordingly. 

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Skippy Gates Throws His 46% African DNA Under The Bus

Thanks to my Twitter timeline I found out Henry Louis “Skip” Gates wrote an Op Ed in the New York Times that was published yesterday. In discussing the possibilities of reparations – which is highly unlikely to occur under this administration to begin with – Gates feels the need to remind us that black people sell each other out.

Really? Gee who would’ve thunk it!?

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We Need To Honor Dorothy Height With More Than Just Words

Civil Rights pioneer Dr. Dorothy Height can finally rest as she moves on to glory. She has duly been credited for her participation in establishing that legislation but she has also been a fierce advocate for women and children. As the Chair of the National Council of Negro Womenn  and after sitting on the board of the YWCA her influence can been felt by many even if they are not aware of its impact.

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Black Male Accountability Is As Reliable As The Catholic Church’s

This is a wonderful opportunity to step back, assess the current landscape and act accordingly. Clearly black women are still so interested in reinforcing the idea of the black family with a black husband as head. of household. There’s a difference between what many want and the behavior of those that would comprise the necessary component for these relationships. If black males as a collective aren’t interested in strengthening communities, honoring women and protecting the family unit (or don’t know how to) this is a moot argument and magical thinking on the part of black women to  continuing expecting something from those who are incapable of providing it.

Of course setting aside that one exception or those who are making genuine efforts black women need to ask themselves if those initiatives and exceptions are stemming the onslaught of negativity or bringing other wayward males “home”?

That would be a “no”.

That’s the reality.

There are those who are interested in self-serving endeavors or navel-gazing and those who wish to spend all their resources to counteract that  – as well those who learn through trial and error to protect themselves from outside vultures.

So if you haven’t run away screaming then proceed after the jump.

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If You Really Want To Get Married…

First, if you are a hetero woman you automatically have the right to marry that many others do not! Be grateful for that.

You have to date marriage-minded men who share similar values. You may have to purge all that you know and recognize how other people with less noble agendas are trying to get you to settle. You may need to shut off the teevee and internet if it wields too much of an influence, though noting obvious patterns of a particular meme can certainly help.


No your LOVE will not save them!


to honor you

appreciate you

respect you

love you

do right by you

come home to you


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The AOFB Podcast Show #1 Is Available For Download

I hosted my first episode of the Acts Of Faith Talk Show yesterday.  Bear in mind I have some kinks to work out and it’s still evolving but one thing I’ve learned is seeking perfection is an effective procrastination tool. So it’s onward and upward from here on out.

As an FYI I have a few projects I’ve been working on that I’ll follow through to completion. I’m going to start  posting chapter excerpts from the novel I’m working on in a few weeks. I’m also seeking women to interview who are using social media to reach an audience or spread a message of elevation and uplift.  

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Women Utilizing Social Media Series: Ananda Leeke

Time goes by very quickly especially when you’re having fun. I began Acts of Faith Blog nearly two years ago. I knew there were conversations I wanted to contribute to as well as initiate.  As this initiative continues I want to expand this platform and the message of social justice and empowerment. One of the most important aspects includes connecting with an audience. Due to the user friendly nature of social networking many of us now have more tools at our disposal than ever.  Technology has advanced while costs have decreased such that we can create content of our own choosing.

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