Old School Friday – You Betta Sang!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an OSF clip. There was a hiatus for the meme originators and then things fell off for a bit. So it’s nice to be back. This week’s motto is: “If I Could Sing I’d Want to Sound Like…”

As a cis woman who’s a soprano I’m always fascinated by males who can sing falsetto in the tenor range 2-3 octaves above their base register. Not to mention we have individual quirks to our voices and no two people will sound exactly the same even if they are singing the same note.


Jeff Buckley

Marvin Gaye

Will Promoting A Clair Huxtable Lessen The Negative Impact Of A Mary Lee Johnston?

Here we have Clair Huxtable the now-iconic image of upper-middle class African-American motherhood. Some rejected the idea that there were black women like Claire in real life and insisted she was a figment of someone’s imagination.

Here we have Mary Lee Johnston the egg donor of Precious, a character who is embraced as gritty and authentic. The actress that portrayed her has been given numerous accolades and won prestigious acting awards.

Clair is well-adjusted, educated, physically fit, demure, intelligent, accomplished, cultured, married and a mother. She is loved and supported.

Mary is none of the above even though she has given birth to a daughter.

One woman is supposed to be fantasy while the other one represents a “realism” many feel comfortable with. Why is that?

Negative imagery has become the new normal.

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Just Because They’re Not Burning Crosses Doesn’t Mean Someone Isn’t Racist

It seems that some people ACTUALLY think we’re living in a post-racial world and somehow we’re in remission from this disease of racism in this country.


Whether it’s inter-, intra-, gender, religious, nationality, orientation, class or ideology based Racism is defined as:

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Racism, as all isms go never completely goes away for it is a condition of moral decay, spiritual deficiency and part of imperfect human nature. What has changed is in recognizing the isms as well as societal policing of certain behaviors that manifest themselves from those thoughts. Whether there are negative ramifications for violating terms and standards of such behavior is what matters. The problem lies when people attempt to qualify or justify such behavior, weighing its evil and seeking to diminish its impact or the extent of how far it goes. Some of the excuses are having a friend/relative/sex partner, presuming you can’t learn anything or having faulty thinking and assumptions about the experiences of others. Sometimes it’s best to be quiet and listen! I read this post about Defining Racism that I thought was interesting but still focused on it from an outsider vs. insider perspective.

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John Mayer Is A Douche Bag But You Knew That Already

It must be a slow news month or some arrestedly-developed, marginally successful, cultural-appropriating, insecure serial dater is trying to drum up a little controversy to be relevant.

John Mayer gave an interview in the March 2010 Playboy where he discussed his career, interpersonal sexual politics and his 2010 goals: …to get more mentions in Us Weekly than ever. I got the sense that he may feel intensely for some but is still disconnected from women..and reality. The point of this post isn’t to analyze his psyche. Amongst the other gems he claimed his genitals only respond to women based on race. Yup, he threw most black women under the bus. Except for three. Oh yeah and in a case of “irony” he used the ‘N’ word to discuss his hood pass and why he he’s so revered by blacks. I think he’s adopted the anti-black woman attitudes and general misogyny of his rap “artist” friends. I found myself agreeing with his assessment that but not the way he deconstructed it. All black people don’t live in da hood.

He made an off-hand comment about David Duke as an afterthought. Duke is one of the most virulent terrorists allowed to operate in the United States who was a Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and later parlayed that white supremacist support into political office. Think Hitler-lite.  Or Teabagger 2010. Duke is like may racists who also claim to hate blacks so much but always want to have sex with black women. They don’t protest a little too much. So Mayer’s example was a bit off in fact but clearly he’s not using his brain. He also publicly trashed some of the better known women he’s dated because you know…that fame monster is a BEAST!

I have two words for you: Justin Timbersnake er Timberfake er TIMBERLAKE.

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Jenny Sanford’s Book Tour Of Obfuscation

The First Lady of South Carolina got mad and she isn’t gonna take it anymore! Rah rah sisterhood! Even I initially wrote about how pleased I was to see a political wife publicly take a stand against suffering in silence at her husband’s serial philandering. Now…I’m not so sure Mrs. Sanford deserves such accolades. While her husband’s political clout sinks further Jenny is taking the high road – or so she claims. It’s for the sake of the children. They get along just fine. Blah blah blah.

I look at the contrast of race, class and money and see glaring disparities between the warm embrace one woman of privilege is receiving versus a poorer non-white woman for their lives. Whereas some black women are immediately castigated for “making bad choices” when it comes to partners and certain immigrant women “shouldn’t be here anyway” why is it that Jenny Sanford gets off scott free for taking any responsibility for her poor choices? I’ve watched her admit on national television that her husband removed key vows of fidelity when they got married that would indicate he had no intention of adhering to it. So why be surprised or get angry when he violated them? To say it raised a red flag is an understatement. Jenny Sanford has bent herself into an pretzel to justify this. I think she was willing to tolerate infidelity as long as it was women who didn’t pose a serious threat to the status quo. Mark Sanford choosing to love a woman who wasn’t his wife was the deal-breaker.

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What Woman From History Would You Like To Meet?

As many of you know I’ve slowed down my daily blogging to focus on other areas of my life. Despite my desire to pull as many women out of the black community Matrix as possible self-care must come first. I also don’t want to sacrifice content quality for quantity so I write when I think it’s necessary. I am considering various options including a group format. What’s great is the fact that I have the choice to do these things and the ability to reach so many people. We have far more freedom than we realize – even in this economy. I’ve been researching various scholarships, grants, creative workshops and free or low-cost training that I can participate in. There’s a lot of opportunities available if you’re willing to complete applications and meet deadlines. Sometimes pulling back actually helps clarify our true focus. Since it’s Black History Month I’m of course thinking about the contributions of black women or those whose actions were of benefit to us.

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Focus On The Family & CBS Created A Fake Abortion Controversy For Profit

So did you watch the Super Bowl pre-show? Focus on the Family aired what had been rumored to be an inflammatory anti-abortion commercial featuring athlete Tim Tebow and his mother Pam. What was shown was barely a blip. They didn’t air it during the game where the largest viewership occurs either. We wuz robbed! It was the great non-troversy of 2010 so far. We can certainly analyze this from a media trend perspective how they generated a lot of buzz and probably raised funds by claiming to want to save the life of an unborn child. Pulling a bait and switch is the oldest trick in the book when generating support from people by pushing emotional buttons. This of course only reinforces current research indicating the lack of trust barometer of traditional media.

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Focus On The Family, CBS, Super Bowl Hypocrisy, Sexism & Dead Black Babies

While this year’s Super Bowl game is certain to yield some its highest ratings and CBS rakes in the advertising dough it will not be without some controversy. Somehow grossly overpaid male athletes pummeling each other chasing after a ball has been sold as entertainment. That’s highly suggestive I know. Regardless there’s a built-in audience of millions who do watch even if it’s only to see the Half-Time show. What I’ve always found interesting is the mix of selling alcohol, soda, objectifying women and the aggression of the sport with puritanical American views.

When Janet Jackson unleashed her bare breast people where aghast and the backlash has reverberated far beyond one moment. This year’s advertising has received a lot of attention. It’s interesting to note how Pepsi decided to NOT advertise through a traditional 30 sec commercial and instead opted to utilize social media. Now there’s a story! This campaign will be studied and modeled after if it’s successful. If the largest companies start pulling out what will the network do? It seems they’ve answered that question by allowing Focus on the Family to run a anti-abortion propaganda piece in its place. Ah the smell of conservatism really stinks up the room. Now many people have strong feelings for or against abortion but let’s explore this a little more.

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